Stress is one of our biggest enemies and also a common trigger for a variety of health conditions. We usually relate stress with pressure from work, relationships or a lack of sleep. But did you know that rubbish lying around the house may be equally responsible for building up stress.

By rubbish, we don’t just mean the obvious garbage but the unwanted clutter. Not only do they eat up space in the house but also create a mess in your life. Although rarely seen as a source of stress, rubbish is without a doubt a contributor.

In this article, we will discuss how rubbish can cause you stress and its impacts.

When there’s junk lying around the home or office, they attack your mind with excessive visual, tactile, and olfactory stimuli which makes the senses work more than necessary. As a result, you can feel de-energised and directly impact your mood for the rest of the day.

Rubbish looks unsightly and they distract the focus of anyone who passes through the area. Having waste scattered around the area can also result in an accident or fall.

Apart from looking unappealing, rubbish can give off a foul smell when they start decomposing. This makes it tough for people to relax physically and mentally.

Rubbish in the household or workplace will make the area look untidy so the brain always gets the signal that work is never complete. This creates a feeling of constant mental stress that can make you anxious and irritated.

How Does Rubbish Impact Our Well Being

When there is clutter around the house, finding something that you need immediately may take hours and you may even risk losing important papers or keys in the pile of rubbish. This can cause frustration leading to high blood pressure and other anxiety issues.

Rubbish inhibits the productivity and creativity of individuals. By eating up the open space in the house or office, clutter can reduce your problem solving and brainstorming capabilities.

Clutter can make you feel guilty or embarrassed when people unexpectedly visit your home, so you may try to withdraw yourself from the social circle.

If you let the waste accumulate and build up a huge mountain, it can fill you with anxiety because you don’t know how much time it will take you to get rid of that pile.

How To Get Rid Of The Stress

Now that you know how rubbish can cause you stress and its impacts, start decluttering today. It’s never too late to get rid of waste and make way for healthier living. Just call Paul’s Rubbish Removal and we will pick up rubbish from your Sydney home or office faster than you thought possible.

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Paul’s Rubbish Removal also believes in protecting the environment, hence our team is committed to removing household rubbish and recycle them appropriately. Call us on 0407 125 125 for a free quote today!

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