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Importance of a Clean and Rubbish-free Building Site

Building sites are a dangerous place. The work involved is usually very physical and the workers are often required to use and operate powerful machinery. They are also required to climb to great heights and interact with a whole host of construction waste. As we all know, all these factors contribute to a high risk for injury. However, part of this problem can potentially be solved by ensuring the site is clean, tidy and organised at all times during the building process.

Both demolition and construction environments are always packed with all types of debris including drywall, masonry, plastic, timber, metal, tiles, dirt, mud and soil. Unfortunately, housekeeping is one thing that is usually at the bottom of the list of things to do.

With a number of things to attend to, and a deadline to meet, other more demanding and pressing projects are given priority. However, the cleanliness of a building site should be taken seriously as well. A properly-maintained and orderly construction site offer lots of benefits not only to the environment but to site workers as well.

So what are some of the compelling reasons why you should keep a construction site clean?

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1) It enhances the overall safety of the site

As previously mentioned, the construction industry is a hazardous, dirty, unorganised and messy environment. It creates higher potential risks that construction workers face. For instance, debris falling from above can be fatal.

There are a number of construction hazards as a result of a messy and disorganised site. Screws, nails, scrap wood and metals are good examples of trip and fall hazards. By ensuring that your construction site is clean, you significantly reduce the safety risks faced by the workers.

2) It improves work efficiency

Research has proven that a dirty environment reduces the morale of workers and overall efficiency. On the other hand, an organised, tidy job site allows your workers to easily identify where the tools are kept. This implies that workers will not have to struggle to navigate through the scattered materials and debris.

If debris is left to randomly scatter for an extended period, workers may be forced to search for important items and tools in the wrong spot. A scenario that negatively impacts on their morale. However, on a clean site, workers will only need to concentrate on their respective scope of work, a phenomenon that enhances both efficiency and productivity.

3) It makes it easier to identify the items that can be recycled

Not all construction wastes should be disposed of. In fact, a huge percentage can potentially be identified, recycled and reused. When you keep the debris in a single location, you can easily do a proper segregation of the waste and identify the construction recyclables. When your company takes part in the recycling initiative, you’ll not only be boosting your company’s image but conserving the environment as well. There may be waste that are health hazards and these can be equally be identified, put aside, treated and disposed of accordingly.

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4) It is a sign of professionalism

There are numerous construction firms in the country and people will always go for a reputable one. So if you want to boost your reputation and show the world you are the best, your construction site must be clean. An orderly building site not only shows the high level of your professionalism but the quality of workmanship at your disposal as well. These two go hand in hand in as far as your reputation is concerned. If you didn’t know, a messy job site makes clients question the quality of your work.

This implies that as a contractor, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that the environment you are working on is clean and organised. Most people always associate tidiness with quality workmanship. Simply put, if you are clean and orderly, clients will likely consider you for their next building project.

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5) It promotes a streamlined working process

A construction project is strenuous, long and stressful and is often a messy environment. The area is already filled with workers, equipment, tools and other machinery and the presence of a waste will only make it difficult to navigate. Stay organised and don’t pile rubbish on the interior of the building. Keep excess materials in relevant locations and you’ll enjoy a rubbish-free building site.

These are just some of the benefits of keeping a construction site clean. However, this is a job easier said than done and you’ll probably need to put extra effort to make it a reality. If you want your site to be free from unwanted materials and waste, a rubbish removal service such as Paul’s Rubbish Removal is a cost-effective and quick way to tidy up your work site. This is undoubtedly your best bet toward having a clean and organised site. Simply call us at any time for a free quote on 0407 125 125.

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