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How to Improve Rubbish Management Through Circular Economy

Poor rubbish management has significantly contributed to climate change, air pollution, contamination of our waterways and even our soil. The detrimental effects of poor waste management have gravely affected other species and ecosystems

Rubbish is a global issue that continues to increase and pollute our land, air and oceans over the years. As the harmful effects of irresponsible waste management are manifesting globally, people have increasingly become aware of the gravity of the situation.

Fortunately, some people and organisations are making a conscious effort in keeping the environment safe and clean. However, these organisations need more lending hands, possibly a global effort in saving our only living planet.

Be a responsible homeowner or a business owner by disposing of your rubbish responsibly. Call a reliable rubbish removalist in Sydney and get it collected, transported and sorted responsibly.

What is A Circular Economy?

Circular economy talks about practices that will ensure sustainable management of waste. And these include an end in hauling waste to the landfills and disposing of harmful, broken, used and unwanted rubbish materials.

Currently, we are based off in a linear economy. For example, manufacturers will make products for consumption. Then, these products will be used and consumed. Once the products are consumed, they will be thrown away. 

Moreover, in a circular economy, it will significantly conserve the natural resources, reduce greenhouse gases emission and waste by circulating these materials. For instance, old products will undergo a process of washing and sterilising. After this process,  the product will be placed back to the supply chain for other people’s consumption.

Benefits of the Circular Economy

In improving and reducing the harmful effects of poor waste management, a circular economy will help us conserve our valuable natural resources. These are the primary benefits in a circular economy.

  • A decrease in greenhouse gases emission. Positive environmental effects are one of the main goals in a circular economy by reducing the detrimental effects on our planet’s ecosystem. It also includes fighting the excessive exploitation of our natural resources. 

In a circular economy, it has the potential in reducing the greenhouse gases emissions significantly.

    • Less pollution entering our earth’s atmosphere
    • Substantial avoidance of environmental damage brought about by extraction of our natural resources
    • Increase production of green industries
    • Reduced dependence on extraction and importation of raw materials
  • Potential economic growth. As the revenue increases accompanied by lower production cost brought about by circular economy activities, it will result in increased GDP. thus economic growth.

Other environmental and economic benefits with a circular economy are the following:

  • Resilient and healthy soil
  • Negative effects on land, water, air and soil are managed better
  • More natural resources are saved
  • Increased employment growth

In A Nutshell

The increasing number of irresponsible disposal of rubbish has been causing a detrimental effect on the environment. As the population and urbanisation increases–poor rubbish management remains the biggest, deep-rooted and on a global-scale problem. But with a circular economy, it will not only provide us with a robust waste management plan but it will significantly help us economically. 

Moreover, by increasing the recycling efforts in our homes, businesses and other manufacturing companies–we will greatly benefit environmentally and economically. As the country is still taking the first step towards a circular economy, leave the rubbish removal to the experts in Sydney. 

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