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Latest Update on the New Sydney Waste Plant

Waste volumes in Sydney are always skyrocketing. Councils and leaders are currently on the lookout for new ways to handle waste. It’s not easy to find methods that encompass disposal and recycling of all kinds of waste. Moreover, it’s a national investment and local effort to put up waste plants that are beneficial for all people in Sydney.

Sydney has always been finding new innovations for waste management. A waste plant is one of the solutions for the garbage around. Waste plant projects often involve a lot of money and therefore consider feedback from residents. Big companies often need to get strict and tough assessments before pushing with their projects. Though it’s not a solution that can materialise overnight, progress and status reports are necessary to inform everybody in Sydney.

Cleanaway’s Energy-from-Waste Plant Proposals

Cleanaway, one of Australia’s biggest waste management service providers, proposes a waste facility. The facility is set to operate on transforming Sydney’s garbage into a usable resource. The primary waste types come from residential garbage, commercial rubbish and industrial waste. The company plans to use combustion technology for their plant. This means that all waste from your house will undergo heating and to transform rubbish into energy that your home can use.

The goal of the facility is to “convert 500,000 tonnes of waste each year into electricity, enough to power 79,000 homes and businesses.” However, many residents backlash on the plant. One of their more relevant concerns is the reduction of air quality around the territory. Since the proposed location is the Western Sydney Parklands, residents fear that the project will not be healthy to the area. As of now, the project is still on further assessment after several protests from local councils.

Mount Piper Energy Recovery Project

Another proposal on the table is for a recovery facility within Lithgow. The project is by EnergyAustralia and Re.Group and its primary goal are to amplify the energy for Mount Piper power station. The facility operates with the use of non-recyclable materials, specifically plastic, linen and cardboard. After facility processes, the materials generate steam. Then, the power station uses steam as energy.

Studies and assessments indicate that almost 40,000 average homes can benefit from power. With the use of non-recyclables, usually thrown straight to the landfills, the project has big potential. Upon recommendations and approvals, EnergyAustralia and Re.Group are set to build the facility. It is currently in the works.


Industries and businesses try to propose waste management solutions every year. Departments and councils toughen their assessments and evaluations to make sure that the projects bring optimal benefit for the community. The two waste plants are not the only proposals right now. There are hundreds of other innovators who want to share their plans to Sydney.

This shows that more people are now putting in more effort to push for Sydney’s greater goal which is a Sustainable Sydney 2030. You don’t need to wait for these waste plants to be in operation. You can start with your own simple recycling habits at home. it may be small steps, but collectively, if everybody does it, Sydney benefits more from people around. Begin your waste management journey now.

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Sarah Ann

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