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Metal Recycling: 5 Things to Do and another 5 You Should Avoid Doing

Metal has always been one of the most common elements seen around. Infinitely many products and goods are packaged from metal. Raw materials are derived from metal composition with other metals. Businesses and industries for metal resources are always in demand. Because of the abundance of metal around, there should be a way to reuse and recycle it such that it is still useful and still beneficial afterwards.

There are ways to handle metal recycling. Call it some dos and don’ts for common metal products at home or other settings. These are some things to do for your metal recycling:

1. Break down metal products

There are plenty of metal products incorporated in every day normal products. For example, most electronic gadgets have metal components to it. As such, make sure always to break down metal waste or electronic waste apart. Some parts may be good candidates for recycling.

2. Segregate metal waste

There are different types of metal you can recycle. It makes metal recycling more efficient if you sort them out beforehand. Right after taking the products apart, have a specified container for them. Some of the metals might fall under aluminium, brass or steel. Different types of metals mean different rates and prices upon recycling. 

3. Store it safely

Store your metals well. It is no secret that metals are often candidates for rusting and corrosion. Keep the containers sealed if you’re not going to send it out yet. Make sure they are tight enough not to distort your metals from outside exposure. This maintains their state as good candidates for recycling.

4. Clean the metal waste

Clean the metals before storing them inside. Some products might have been dirty already or filled with dirt. Others might have been exposed to rust. Sanitize them as much as possible to make sure they’re safe to handle.

5. Keep a magnet

A magnet will help in keeping your metals in place. All you need to do is expose a good magnet to the goods to pick out metal products. This is especially useful for items that have metals incorporated deep within. A magnet will help take them apart.

As much as there are proactive things to do to keep your metals safe, there are also things you shouldn’t do to your metals for recycling. 

These are some things you should AVOID doing:

1. Mishandle metals

In metal recycling, your safety is still a top priority when dealing with metals. Since metals can come in various sharp or dangerous forms, keep yourself in check and always wear the proper accessories when sorting your metal. Wear gloves or other forms of protective equipment when necessary. This applies to metal recycling and all types of work around metal, such as metal fabrication.

2. Mislabel or misidentify metals

It is quite crucial to group your metals accordingly. Some metals might not be good together when placed in the same container for keeping. Keep all your aluminium together in container A, and keep your steel products in container B. This helps in waste management too. 

3. Keep them near other recyclable waste

Separate all your recyclables away from rubbish up for disposal. As metals are more prone to changes due to outside exposure, keeping them away from the outside helps maintain them. Some metal products are corrosive and others change when exposed to other temperatures. Keep them away!

4. Break some policies regarding metal recycling

Always read up on your local council policies regarding metal recycling. There might be some components not allowed for recycling. This may be due to safety issues or facility concerns. Read up on the guidelines set out by your local leaders.

5. Recycle harmful metal waste

Many metal products are used as packaging for other products. Sometimes, the state of the metal changes with the product it contains. Don’t recycle paint jars and pesticide containers. Taking them apart might expose you to more danger. Dispose of them along with your waste in the disposal container.


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