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Myths and Misconceptions About Refrigerator Disposal

Have you upgraded to a high-tech refrigerator recently – one complete with energy saver technology, temperature sensors and water filtration system? That’s great, but what did you do with your old refrigerator? Is it lying in your basement? If it is still there, you should know that the disposal process shouldn’t be complicated.

Apart from being one of the heaviest white goods, refrigerators have to be disposed of properly because they can release dangerous chemicals to the environment.

Here are the 4 biggest myths and misconceptions about refrigerator disposal.

Myth 1 – Refrigerator Disposal is Always a Hassle

The people you work with to manage your garbage can make a big difference. You should not feel stuck with your waste provider. You have the chance to select a partner and come up with a customised waste disposal plan. For example, we offer competitive plans to benefit businesses. Your refrigerator disposal process should not be a hassle.

Myth 2 – They Belong in Landfills

Unfortunately, the current waste disposal approaches are flawed. Landfills will never be a perfect solution to our waste management problems because they ignore the cost of waste disposal and as a result, we are unable to benefit from opportunities of preserving resources. Landfills are not a good option for the disposal of refrigerators. One of the reasons is that they pollute our environment – soil, water and the ground. Sending refrigerators to landfills will also increase the cost of transportation, whereas you should opt for recycling.

Look for appliance retailers that partner with producers to help protect the environment and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by recovering the old freezers, refrigerators, dehumidifiers and window air conditioners. Ensure that the refrigerant is recovered, destroyed or reclaimed; the foam is destroyed or recovered and the blowing agent is reclaimed or recovered.

Myth 3 – Proper Refrigerator Disposal Won’t Make a Difference

Recycling of a single unit can make a huge difference. The recycling of a single aluminium item can provide you with the power you need to power a television for around 3 hours. When looking for refrigerator disposal options, you must consider the positive impacts of recycling, including when only one person acts towards sustainability.

On the other hand, one person can make a big negative impact, especially if they spread the notion that a single refrigerator recycling cannot make any difference. Recycling will only become successful if we do it at a personal level.

Myth 4 – Refrigerators Aren’t Worth Donating

When getting rid of a refrigerator that is still working and less than five years old, donating it is a better choice. Many people will also be willing to accept it as a gift. Some stores that deal with second-hand goods may also accept it. For quicker selling, online stores are an excellent choice.

Steel is the most recycled material and makes up around 75 per cent of the appliances and the home-recycled appliances made of steel add up to 10 per cent. Air conditioners and refrigerators use fluorocarbons to cool the air and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are among the leading ozone depletion contributors. By upgrading your home appliances, you will manage to reduce energy costs.

However, when disposing of your refrigerator, you should ensure that it does not end up in landfills. We will help you do that.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we offer safe, efficient and eco-friendly refrigerator disposal services to make the entire process easier for you. Our experienced refrigerator removal team is ready to haul off your old refrigerator without damaging any part of your home on their way out. We will do the heavy lifting and ensure that the refrigerator is disposed at the right recycling facility to avoid harming the ecosystem.

If you are ready to dispose of your old refrigerator, you need to contact us today for a free quote. Our insured and professional refrigerator disposal team will arrive in your office or home and give you an estimate depending on the amount of space the appliance will occupy in our truck. You will see us hauling the fridge to our junk removal truck without charging you any hidden fees.

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Sarah Ann

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