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7 Responsible Ways to Get Rid of Junk in Your Home

When you have piles of junk at home, you probably thought of cleaning and getting rid of those unusable items. Since no one wants to live with junk, your eagerness to wipe out every piece of trash in your home strengthens. 

Junk comes in many shapes and sizes. From a stack of old newspapers in your garage, piles of clothes that never get worn, and useless tools that clutter your kitchen drawers to the garage itself. Whatever it may be, there is a way of taking it away. Of course, it all varies depending on what you try to get rid of: removal of household waste, yard waste, regular trash, or renovation waste.

Moreover, if you want to set out your junk on the curb for collection, you’ll think that you’re adding unnecessary trash in the overflowing landfills of Australia. But it doesn’t have to be that way the next time you gather your junk. You can try these 7 responsible ways for removing unwanted stuff from your home.

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Flexing Creativity

Being creative gives homeowners a chance to show off their new ideas and new ways of solving their junk problems. By being crafty to junk, you can turn the unnecessary items in your home into a treasure-like piece. Whatever trash you have at home, as long as you never run out of ideas, you can responsibly get rid of your junk.

Creativity doesn’t mean you need to have the skills of a professional artist nor be a handyman. You have to arrange or transform your junk in a way that is not an eyesore inside your home. For instance, you can turn your old bath towels to usable small rags or your bedsheets into a dog’s bed. If you want to have an aesthetic impact, you can do DIY designs. 

Donating Junk

You might have bags, shoes, clothes or toys that are sitting for a long time in your home. Donating your junk might greatly help someone who needs it most. So if your old items are still usable, you can visit your donation box on the streets. 

You’ll have to bring large items that don’t fit in the donation box, like sofas, appliances, etc., to the nearest charity’s donation drop-off centre. By donating, you will feel good knowing that you are supporting people in your neighbourhood and keeping your junk out of the landfill.

Swapping Items

You can also try inviting your friends and neighbours to bring the items that they no longer want. To avoid gathering other junk, you can ask them to bring the specific things that you also need. Not only can you have the items you need the most, but you can also get to hang out with them simultaneously. By doing this strategy, you can place all your junk outside and let them take away what they want. No one goes home, empty-handed in your neighbourhood.

Sell Your Junk

A garage sale is a good option if you want to sell your old but still usable items. You can inform your neighbourhood a week in advance up to the sale day itself that you will be having a garage sale. Price your items and sell them. In that way, you can reduce your accumulated junk without throwing it into trash bins or sending it to landfills.

Moreover, you can try selling your old items online. You can use websites, apps or social media platforms to sell your unwanted stuff. With high-quality photos of your items and detailed descriptions, you’re more likely to have some luck making money from your old stuff. 

Send it to Recycling Companies

Aside from the ways mentioned above, recycling is also one of the best strategies to get rid of your junk at home. Recycling conserves materials, lessens the need to throw it to landfill and incineration, minimises pollution, and helps make the environment more attractive. 

Therefore, if you have metal, woods, fibres, foam, glass, furniture or appliances, you can send it to recycling companies to be useful. You can contact your local council or visit your council’s website to know where to drop your recyclable materials. 

Give Your Old Stuff Away

If you’re aiming to get rid of your usable junk, the quickest and simplest way to remove anything you don’t want is to place your items with a “free” sign outside. Even if there are items left unpicked, it still pays off your decluttering efforts. Furthermore, your belongings will hopefully go to someone who wants them more than you do — or at least, a happy home where your old stuff starts another life.

You can also give your items to your family or friends that have interest in your junk since most of the People who know you well and trust you are more likely to take your used stuff off your hands. In that way, you can easily remove your stacks of unwanted things.

Call the Best Junk Removal Company

When you can’t handle the stress of decluttering your junk and don’t have enough energy to lift large junk, it’s better to call a junk removal company. When choosing the best company, you must consider their services because other companies have low pay, but the performance is also poor.

You can consider our team at Paul’s Rubbish Removal, which can remove all sorts of household rubbish, junk, or waste. We can take almost everything you can think of and will make sure we disposed of and recycle appropriately. We value our customers highly in ensuring they receive the best services.


With the modern and active lifestyle, it is hard to effectively deal with things that are no longer useful to us, and eventually, they become junk piled in the corners of our houses. But by knowing the different strategies to get rid of your household junk responsibly, you can contribute goodness to your environment and benefit on your own.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, you don’t have to be physically and mentally stressed over your pile of garbage. With us, we are very committed to giving you excellent service and ensure no mess will be left behind. For inquiries about our rubbish disposal services  or to get a free quote, call us at 0407 125 125 or send us an email info@paulsrubbish.com.au

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