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5 Ways to Solve Sydney’s Landfill Problems

Nowadays, there are many options for garbage disposal. Modern methods and innovations are present to process and deal with garbage. Landfills become one of the most popular options for garbage disposal and Australia is slowly feeling the weight of this method. As landfills are big areas or sites of land made solely for garbage, space becomes an issue. Every year, 20 million tonnes of rubbish end up in landfills. This amount is increasing too. You can do your part too and help solve Sydney’s landfill concerns.

  • Purchase reusable items

There are more reusable items than you know. Swap the things you buy for daily use for more reusable items that are still available in the market. Before you buy your groceries or do your shopping run, do a checklist of the things you’re going to buy and look into reusable options for said item. There are reusable plastic cups, reusable utensils, reusable packaging and packing items. Some of them are in good promo sales and bundles too. This means fewer landfill visits for your garbage and less waste volume in your daily trash.

  • Reduce consumption

Conscious consumption and garbage disposal is a good mental exercise. One of the ways you can help in reducing landfill waste is by reducing your consumption. There’s literally no rubbish that needs landfilling if there is no waste in the first place. Before you purchase your items, check your pantry stocks and account for your grocery list. If you can afford it, there are different alternatives available that are more organic and don’t need landfills for rubbish disposal.

  • Go to recycling facilities or do personal recycling

Whereas you have garbage items and pieces that you don’t use anymore or don’t see yourself using in the future, recycling facilities are present. There are many partner recycling facilities in Sydney that can take in your garbage. They can process your waste for you and make sure that it becomes something new and usable again. Though recycling facilities can be hefty in cost, smaller ways are present for you. One way is going paperless at home. This won’t cost you a lot.

  • Consider donating your reusable items

If you want to immediately get rid of the waste but you don’t have the budget to go to recycling facilities, there are many donation sites around Sydney. Charity shops are responsible for channelling your donated items to more beneficiaries. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to help other people with your preloved or perused items, and you divert landfill-bound waste. Who says you can’t save space and some people at the same time?

  • Call your local trusted Rubbish removalists

In the field of waste disposal, there are experts and professionals who can handle your trash well. They know their way around the specifics and knowledge about your trash and how to handle them too. There are many rubbish removalists in Sydney and you can always count on the one you trust to take care of the waste. Paul’s team of rubbish removal experts does the job of collecting your rubbish, recycling them and at the same time, aiming for 100% landfill-free disposals.


Landfills are considered one of the solutions for waste disposal. Yet, why is it that waste management and methods are still having issues with this method? First of all, space is not infinite. Second, landfills are highly regulated. Third, landfills can be a very costly option. Fourth, landfills can be very dangerous. As much as landfills are one of the easiest ways to dump trash, it’s not very ideal especially in the long-run. We are all highly encouraged to do our parts and make sure that whatever we throw, doesn’t end up in that finite space immediately.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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