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What Happens if You Throw Your Waste in the Wrong Coloured Bin?

Personal waste management starts with you. With increasing and more conscious efforts to deal with waste, you are already helping the environment from the negative effects of waste. Doing so may take a lot of knowledge and effort, but you can start by segregating with colour-coded bins at home. However, what happens if you do the inverse? Instead of throwing your trash in the correct bin, you throw it in another one by mistake instead? Is your effort discounted?

Most of the time, waste segregation is the step with the most work from your end. First, waste management aims to sort out waste in as many specific categories as possible to handle the nature of the rubbish. By doing so, recycling and waste recovery methods become easier to do. Moreover, putting the wrong items for recycling can cause more harm than benefit. This is what happens when you throw the wrong waste in the wrong bin:

Large fines

The most obvious thing is that fines will be imposed for throwing the wrong waste in the wrong bin. Many people don’t sort out waste on purpose. Throwing the rubbish in any official bin from the local council doesn’t mean you’re helping the waste management methods. The bins serve as a guide in throwing out the garbage that comes from your home. Sadly, many people still don’t sort waste, hoping that whoever collects it will sort it for them. This can cost as much as $200 in fines.

Waste contamination and infestation

Another effect is waste contamination. The nature of each kind of waste is different. There are trash and rubbish that are general and more common to any household. Others are more toxic and can come from necessity. Mixing up waste can lead to one kind of waste affecting the other. You wouldn’t want anything considered hazardous or infectious being more uncontained in the open, especially when viral infections are a reality.

There are many methods to handle toxic waste. You can’t just throw some rubbish in a wrong coloured bin or a waste bin and expect it to be safe for disposal and collection. Chances are, you are ruining the possibility of other waste in the bin for recycling or recovery. Another is that you risk pest infestation and vermin going through the trash. Throwing garbage in the wrong bin can result in the whole batch of waste being too contaminated or unrecyclable afterward.

“In Australia, where all household recycling is collected in one bin, contamination is a huge problem, when a few non-recyclable products can cause entire trucks’ worth of goods to go to landfill.”Boseley in The Guardian

In some parts of Australia, rummaging through somebody’s waste is also illegal. Waste collection is a big task that can cost a lot of work and time; as such, it’s impractical to go through all bins and take them apart for inspection on the spot. The condition of your waste is within your hands. If you put the wrong waste in the wrong bin, especially toxic waste, you endanger public safety and individual health.


Waste management is a system that helps improve the waste in Sydney. This includes throwing the garbage in the proper coloured bin. With the effort of Sydney to place placards and stickers in the bins, all you need to do is throw it in the appropriate bin and check if the bin is full. It might take more time to do, but the extra effort ensures the safety of the person who will collect the trash. Let us all work together to create a more organised Australia. We can start at home with our trash.

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Sarah Ann

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