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Top Tips for Selling Household Junk Before Moving

Many homeowners do not realise they have junk of clutter in their house until it is time to move. When they are packing stuff they often use, they realise there is a lot more of items that they neither use nor want to move with. This leaves the homeowner with a dilemma on how to handle the household junk when they are relocating to a new house.

Some homeowners are tempted to leave the household item in the house, which is not a good show since they need to sell the house. Some homeowners dump the items in a landfill, hoping someone will sort them out and pick what is useful for them.

However, this too is not a good choice because it is not environmentally friendly. The good news is, you can put your household junk for sale. Here are our best tips on how you can sell household junk before moving.

1) Clean the household items

Although these are household items you do not need, it does not mean they are useless and cannot be used by anyone else. Dirty household items may appear older than they actually are. Clean items on the other hand, will make the household items appear in good condition and attract prospective buyers.

2) Sell online

With the widespread internet connectivity in our society today, most people prefer to buy and sell online. Choose the best site that will attract bidders for your household items. Websites such as Amazon, Etsy, Graysonline, Bidmate and many others. Choose a website that mostly sells household items to get the highest number of bidders.

3) Take good photos

If you choose to sell online, make sure you take a good photo of the item. Online buyers are visual buyers. A good photo of the item will attract more potential buyers and help sell the item faster. In addition, make sure you put the correct description of the item. Be transparent about the nature of the item. If it is faulty, remember to include the fault in the description.

4) Price fairly

Since these items are second-hand items, you definitely know that the price should be relatively lower than the market price for a new item. This is not a venture to get the most money from your item, but an opportunity to get rid of the items by selling. On the other hand, since some of them are in good condition, it does not mean you sell the item at a very low price. Put a reasonable price tag for both the buyer and the seller.

5) Avoid shipping

To avoid adding the cost of shipping the items to the buyer, open a garage sale to find buyers locally. Invite people to view the items and after sale, they can carry the items home themselves. However, if you are selling online, look for sites that are local to your area. This will ensure the buyers are near where you live and you do not need to organise for shipping.

6) Pick convenient items

Not all items are convenient to sell, especially online. Items that need to be fitted, tried or seen first are not convenient to sell online. Therefore, when selling household junk before moving, sort the items and pick the items that can be sold only. Household junk that cannot be sold before moving should be disposed properly.

Moving from one location to another can be exciting. However, it can also be costly especially if you have a lot of items to move. If you are planning to move, sort your items into items you regularly use and need and items you no longer use.

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Sarah Ann

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