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Types of Waste Found in Nursing Homes

The first thing that comes in your mind with the term medical waste might be hospitals or health institutions. Your mind might not come across Nursing Homes almost immediately. However, like hospitals and medical establishments, Nursing Homes also generate almost the same types of waste. As such, waste management in Nursing Homes should be given focus because they have certain precautionary measures and local regulations are strictly imposed.

People who handle waste from these places follow regulations and standards to maintain public safety and caution. This is because Nursing Homes also have everyday activities to take care of both seniors and workers who are inside. This includes waste disposal. If you ever wonder what kind of waste nearby that Nursing Home in your neighbourhood produces, here is a list of the types of waste that those centres get rid of regularly:

Domestic waste

Just like any home, solid waste also comes from these locations. Nursing Homes house people inside. As people who work inside do their everyday jobs like feeding the elderly and fixing things inside, rubbish removal services find a big amount of domestic waste from Nursing Homes. Just like your regular houses, these can be part of the waste volume from Nursing Homes:

  • Food waste
  • Electronic waste
  • Paper waste
  • Old furniture and fixtures
  • Disposable packaging and containers
  • Plastics
  • Other house trash

Domestic waste coming from Nursing Homes come in large amounts since these places are big institutions that house many people in. People also do processes and office jobs that are not medical related and are plainly administrative. This can still produce office waste that Nursing Homes need to get rid of.

Pharmaceutical waste

As part of Nursing Home services, medical attention and health-related activities are part of the waste generators. Much different from your common homes, Nursing Homes produce pharmaceutical waste from medicines and drugs that are needed by the elderly. Unused medication should be disposed of properly and meticulously. Moreover, these Pharmaceutical waste also includes Non-medicinal waste like personal care products and medical supplies.

Handling Pharmaceutical waste can be a bit more complicated as many restrictions and regulations are given. Disposal of this waste includes very accurate documentation and accounting to be presented as per compliance. You can’t just throw out medicine and medical supplies that are not in use or were not contaminated. They can still pose a threat especially in the location where they will be dumped. 

Sharp waste

On the other hand, one of the most common wastes in Nursing Homes are sharps like syringes or any other tools that can create a laceration in the skin. This can include but are not limited to scalpels, blades and some specially designed plastics to carefully gash the skin. For disposal of sharp waste, special care should be given as these kinds of waste can seriously injure or harm anybody who doesn’t handle large quantities well. 

As sharp waste can be a big source of contagion, it should always be handled with care. Blood or any bodily fluids should be cleaned up first as much as possible to retain safety to people who will collect the sharp waste. Like Pharmaceutical waste, sharp waste is under strict compliance and regulation in terms of waste disposal. Documentation and accounting of this waste should be as accurate as possible. 


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