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Ways to Prevent Illegal Dumping in Sydney

Despite the vast policies of Sydney committed to maintaining a clean city, illegal dumping is a never-ending issue. Generally, littering a small number of plastic bottles or wrappers in parks is a minor case. However, massive wastes like appliances and construction debris left in the footpath amplify the small case.

With illegally dumped rubbish, you can expect that the pilings increase as they attract people to do the same. Many people feel it’s more convenient to dump trash anywhere as it’s less expensive to pay fines than proper disposal. This uncaring attitude towards the environment worsens the problem.

Moreover, many commercial and residential spaces commit illegal dumping to avoid high collection fees from rubbish haulier or such services are not present. At this point, the city’s ordinances are in effect of imposing severe punishments such as hefty fines and license revocation for businesses. 

How Illegal Dumping is Controlled in Sydney

The NSW government continuously fights against illegal dumping as a highly visible problem throughout the region. The government prioritises the reduction of unlawful dumping in Sydney and neighbouring cities by up to 30 per cent in 2016. Attaining such a goal until 2021, they allocated $58 million from the $465.7 million of Waste Less, Recycle More initiative. 

Furthermore, the government increased the penalties for illegal dumping under the Protection of the Environment Act 1997 (POEA). The courts can now impose a maximum fine up to $5 million for corporations and imprisonment of seven years for individuals if the offence is found to harm the environment. Offenders are also liable to pay for clean-up costs.

The government also works hand in hand with the Environment Protection Agency and local councils to prevent the uncontrolled illegal act. Educating the public about the hazard, danger and cost incurred by unlawful dumping has become rampant. Also, they created more available and public-friendly waste disposal.

Dealing with Illegal Dumping in Sydney

From the government level, the participation of every individual plays a significant role to prevent illegal dumping. But before taking actions, ensure your safety first. You can calmly talk with your neighbours to stop doing the crime, but you can’t only do it to vehicles and corporations doing so. 

Always take note that some wastes might contain asbestos and other hazardous wastes. Don’t open bags without precautions as some rubbish might hide dangerous and contaminated wastes. Here are the simple steps to do when dealing with illegal dumping:

Record All Details

If you’re a victim of illegal dumping in your area, it’s crucial to take note as many details as possible. It will help the authority to investigate and take actions against the offenders. You can also take pictures of the wastes as additional evidence.

Contact Relevant Authority

After finding out that there’s illegal dumping, whether it’s public or private land, report it to the relevant authority. Call the local police and the authorities at 1800 333 000. Here are the details that you need to answer upon contacting the authority:

  • Local government area
  • Who is the land manager
  • Lot, section, street number and name
  • Suburb/locality/area
  • Other identifying details
  • Further details (e.g. GPS coordinates, map name)
  • How the land was accessed to dump waste

Secure the Waste

If the waste is within your property, make sure they are intact for investigation. Securing the trash ensures that it won’t affect the people and environment. If you’re dealing with dumped waste on your property, you’ll need to dispose of it as the government will not clean it up for you.

Cleaning Up the Waste

If you’re managing the removal of illegally dumped wastes, it’s your responsibility to dispose of it lawfully while keeping the records on how it was handled. Many scraps are a valuable resource providing recyclables; thus, there’s no worry in removing it.

But if it takes an effort to recycle those, you can transport it to the disposal facility or hire a skip bin. If the tasks seem to be enormous, you can hire a waste contractor for clean-up and disposal on your behalf.

Preventing Illegal Dumping to Happen Again

Whether you’ve encountered illegal dumping or not, it’s essential to take measures to prevent it from happening in your premise or community. Here are the prevention mechanisms of unlawful dumping to keep in mind:

  • Stop dumpers accessing your land
  • Increase the risks of dumpers getting caught
  • Ensure that offenders will be charged with fines
  • Don’t give provocations or reasons to attract offenders to dump illegally
  • Educate the community about the impact of illegal dumping

Techniques for Illegal Dumping Prevention

To completely prevent illegal dumping, a robust technology needs to be in place. The following are the techniques to keep your area free from such act:

Keep your area clean as always

Keeping your place spotless inevitably discourages illegal dumpers from throwing their wastes within your premise. The existing dumped rubbish is a hint that it’s alright to pile another trash, with an afterthought that they won’t get fines as they are not the main culprit.

Landscaping, vegetation and beautification

An outdoor with landscaping and vegetation indicates that it’s valued, monitored and used. For example, simple weed removal and lawn care reflect a well maintained and cared premise that would deter the illegal act. 

Also, beautification like adding flower beds, benches and sculptures can change the community’s perception of the site and increase its use. Involving your neighbourhood in beautifying your parks and roadsides builds community pride where everyone makes sure no one would damage or dump rubbish on it.

Increased Chance of Catching Illegal Dumpers

Illegal dumpers often compare the risk of getting caught and the money they can save in disposing of rubbish properly. If they think that there’s a higher chance of getting caught, they opt not to dump garbage on your premises. 

These techniques let dumpers know they can get easily caught:

  • Community surveillance
  • Surveillance and patrolling
  • Signage
  • Cameras
  • Lighting
  • Publicising offenders in the community

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In a Nutshell

Illegal dumping is a crime that affects not only people but also the community and environment. The moment you buy something, it comes with the obligation in properly disposing of it after some time. Preventing such illegal acts starts within you as keeping the community clean is a shared responsibility and commitment.

Paul’s Rubbish Removal is your perfect partner in preventing illegal dumping in Sydney. Our expert removalists can safely dispose of the unlawfully dumped rubbish, adhering to the NSW EPA guidelines. With more than a decade of experience, we make sure that we have the equipment to take any amount of dumped wastes.

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