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Simple Ways to Reduce Waste in the Office

Your business’s bottom line takes a negative hit when a lot of waste is involved in running it. You will not realise any profits and may end up losing it. Below are simple ways to reduce office waste to help you decrease operating costs for higher yields.

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1. Use both sides of the paper

Every office either small or big, depends on large quantities of paper. Therefore when making copies, set your copier machine in a way that it will use both sides of the paper. This will reduce your consumption in half. Printing on both sides of a paper will also save you money and avoid losses.

2. Reduce or eliminate paper usage

Papers are the biggest contributors of waste in an office. You can take advantage of emails and online tools to distribute information and other important memos. This can help you save a lot of paperwork and sticky notes because you have technology at your fingertips. Things like sticky notes can’t be recycled because of their sticky residue.

3. Be mindful of packaging

You should communicate with distributors and suppliers about packaging volumes needed in your office. There can be a lot of redundant packaging with office deliveries that can be avoided by sending requests to cut back packaging material.

Alternatively, you can make use of these empty boxes once the deliveries have been made. The boxes can also be reused for packaging or given away to staff that may be moving their houses. The same can also apply to you where if you’re sending packaged items to clients, be conscious of how much you’re using.

4. Use compost and recycle bins

Many firms, especially small firms, use only one bin or a couple for general waste. Recycling the waste is more cost-effective than sending waste to landfill. If your staff is encouraged to use the proper bins, then this problem can be rectified in a short period. Always ensure that your office has enough bins.

All your employees should have their paper waste bin, while there should be another bin for recyclable materials. There should be a separate bin for every worker for food waste and can be placed in each office or on every floor. You should also consider bin capacity and collection frequencies when you’re planning your waste management.

5. Buy in bulk

When you’re buying coffee beans in bulk you should also include other items like sugar and creamer, snacks, cleaning supplies and Kleenex in bulk instead of individual packaging. This will lower the cost and the amount of packaging you throw away.

6. Give employees a reusable water bottle

You can surprise your workers by providing water bottles with the company’s logo. The cost is only small, but you will ultimately save on plastic bottles.

Reducing waste in the office is an excellent approach to maximising profit. However, no matter how small the waste maybe, you need to remove it for a conducive working environment. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal Company, we can help you achieve that. We offer all kinds of rubbish removal services in Sydney.

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Sarah Ann

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