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7 Office Cleaning Tips That Will Boost Company Morale

As a business owner, it becomes necessary to update the look, feel, and functionality of your office every few years. Office cleaning is not a topic that you should debate, but instead, this should be a prerogative.

Countless germs circulate in an office every day. For example, consider all types of people who in a single day use the same coffee pots, microwave, restroom, and sink faucets.

The following are 7 office cleaning tips that will boost company morale.

1. Janitorial services

You must be able to keep your office shiny and beautiful and portray the expert look you want your office to have. Reliable janitorial service is essential to keep your offices clean and sanitary every day. Possibly one of the critical parts of an office is the, and they are also one of the most difficult to maintain.

Regular sweeping, mopping and polishing of the floor is needed to complete the spic and span look of the office. You also need to keep the reception clean since this is the first place which your customers and clients see.

2. Carpet cleaning

Grime and dirt are easily wiped off hard surfaces, but on carpets, that’s an entirely different story. They can prove to be very hard to remove, and if you take it upon yourself to clean the carpet, you might ruin it. It is better to call in professional carpet cleaners who use hypoallergenic, non-toxic and biodegradable chemicals.

3. Window cleaning

If you have a great view outside, then by all means, please get your windows cleaned to be able to enjoy that view. Once you get your windows, clean and shiny, you will definitely see a big difference, with the light coming in and bathing the room with all-new positive energy.

4. Floor cleaning

Areas where people usually go to or pass by, high traffic areas that are, are sure to accumulate soil, dirt, and filth if you don’t regularly clean it and these areas too, are the first places the clients see when they go to your office. So always make sure that these are clean and presentable.

5. Waxing

When you need to wax your office, make sure you hire a reputable general office cleaning services company to do this for your office.

6. Kitchen and bathroom

The wastebasket. When you come in every morning, do you find it emptied or is it still teeming with yesterday’s trash? Is the light in the bathroom flickering and giving you the creeps? Are the air condition vents clean? These are ways to know if your cleaning service is efficient or not. Make sure that your office cleaning services rise up to your expectations.

7. Absenteeism

Absenteeism can be a direct result of poor office cleaning. It would not be surprising to find staff off work sick because the office is cleaned to a low standard and they have contracted an illness.

Now you see that maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of your office is not the everyday chores that you make them out to be. These tasks are essential to keep up the professional look you want and to create a striking first impression to your clients.

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