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15 Astounding E-Waste Recycling Tips

We are quick to irresponsibly ditch our used and obsolete electronics such as our old bulky TVs and computers once we get a replacement for them.

There is an exponential rise in e˗waste that is developing alongside the rapid growth of new innovative technology products. When irresponsibly disposed of, they have social, economic and ecological consequences on the environment. That why is there is a big incentive to recycle e-waste whenever possible.

You are also able to give away your e-waste to your nearest recycling centre. However, you should be aware of the type of e-waste they accept before looking to get rid of them.

[7 Types of E-Waste]

Here are our 15 useful e-waste disposal and recycling tips that will save you.

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1) The 1˗2 Rule

The one-two rule, also known as the one in two out rule, recommends always giving out two unwanted pieces in your home for every new material you bring home.

2) Tied up loops

If you have old electronic gadget cables that you do not use, and it is lying somewhere in a drawer you can always give them out to the TechCollect for recycling.

3) Keep your data safe

Never forget to clear out important or personal files saved in your old computers before recycling them. Don’t compromise your privacy.

4) Donate

If you have electronics that are usable, but you no longer use them, you can always donate them to neighbours or friends that will be pleased to use them.

5) Organise equipment in the house

Some of the equipment that we spontaneously buy at the stores might be hidden away at home, stashed somewhere in a drawer.

6) Locate nearby recycle centres

This will help you know where to take your used electronics anytime you need to dispose of them.

7) Use your old mobile as a GPS device

Instead of throwing away your old mobile phone you can always keep it in your car and use it as a designated GPS device.

8) Mark the Calendar

You should set days throughout the year when you get to recycle all the unused stuff in your house. There are certain days when a recycling centre will only accept certain e-waste.

9) Take it around

Once you adopt e-waste recycling for your electronics, you should purpose to influence your workmates and friends to adopt the same culture.

10) Recycling events

If you have some material at home that needs recycling, you could check online or from a newspaper for recycling events happening in your locality where you can take your equipment.

11) Beware of free recycling

As much as you may want to save money, you should avoid companies offering free recycling as they may not handle your equipment properly.

12) Sell the usable electronics

You can make some good money from your used equipment that’s still in good shape. Check out Gumtree or eBay to see if you could find someone that’s in need of what you want to recycle.

13) Recycle properly

Ensure that all the equipment you need to be recycled falls into the right hands that will carry out environmentally-friendly recycling.

14) Use what you have until it is rendered useless

Don’t just dump your phone or computer because of a minor malfunction, always use it until it’s obsolete.

15) Asset recovery facility

If you are working with an asset recovery facility, ensure that they get to establish the residual value of your equipment.

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