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Can You Recycle Concrete?

If you are looking for an old-style wall or footpath to be put into your building project, then you would be wise to hire concrete contractors who work with recycled material. This product is a great option. It comes from all of the old chunks that used to be in footpaths or walls that have crumbled. The product is remade into a recycled product that can be made into concrete structures that has a beautifully aged appearance. It is a desirable product for many homes or businesses.

Concrete recycling is a big money saver for demolition crews. Recycling concrete from a site is far cheaper than transporting it to the landfill. Additionally, keeping concrete out of the landfill is a good way to keep the size of landfills manageable.

Recycling Options

Concrete recycling can be done in one of two ways. It can be recycled from the site or it can be taken to a disposal centre where it is then recycled into new material.

Recycling from the site means that someone has to be able to use the broken up concrete as it is without a need for turning it into new material. Sometimes this is a viable option and this is the biggest money saver for all involved. The people removing the recycled material will also get a nice discount price.

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Uses of Recycled Concrete

If concrete is taken to a disposal centre, it has to be processed. The processing will break down the concrete and remove any foreign particles. It will also sort the concrete pieces according to size and quality. The concrete is then crushed to be used again. Crushed concrete can be used to make aggregate.

How Concrete is Recycled

Construction site cleanup is simply a matter of using the right tools and having the resources. Concrete is usually just torn out of an existing site and then taken to be recycled or picked up at the site to use again. However, there are some newer technological advances that help make the process easier which include:

  • Equipment for breaking up used concrete
  • New techniques for removal of foreign particles
  • Stronger crushing equipment that is more efficient

The whole point of recycling concrete is to help save energy. A lot of energy goes into producing new concrete. This is due to the process of mining the materials, processing and transportation. When concrete is recycled all of these areas are conserved. This greatly helps to save on the energy costs and preserve the resources that make energy which is greatly threatened. Additionally, concrete recycling helps to free up landfill space for trash that will disincarnate quickly.

Full construction waste debris bags

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