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33 Simple Ways to Go Greener at Home

Climate change has been in the news for some years now. Countries and corporations around the world have been looking at sustainable ways to go greener. As an individual, you’ve probably been wondering if there’s anything you can do towards this course. Well, everyone can play a crucial role in keeping the environment clean and safe. There are a number of small but impactful ways to go greener at home.

Here are 33 simple ways to get started.

1) Use energy saving bulbs and see how you could positively impact your energy consumption.

2) Turn off lights when you leave a room or when they’re not in use. Instead, consider using natural light when appropriate.

3) Avoid using disposable bags. Instead, get some reusable bags that you can always use to run errands.

4) Consider walking or using your bicycle to run errands within 2 kilometres or closer. You’ll not only keep fit but will avoid using your car and reduce emissions.

5) If you have to use your car to run errands, make sure that you combine as many errands as you can in one trip and drive at the designated speed limit.

6) Turn off all electrical appliances that are not in use.

7) Choose reusable water bottles and avoid using or buying disposable plastic bottles.

8) Plant a tree or a simple backyard garden. The tree will make the environment fresher while the backyard garden can be a great source of vegetables and fruits.

9) Consider drying your clothes on the laundry line instead of using a dryer.

10) Avoid rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. In fact, consider washing them manually. You’ll save both water and energy.

11) Fix any leaky taps within your home. Whether it’s a toilet or the sink, fixing it will be a great way to avoid wasting water.

12) Find out if you can sign up for local renewable energy. Using solar is much better and environmentally-friendly.

13) Reduce your shower time by half and you’ll save a great deal of water.

14) Consider using recycled products whenever possible. From a reusable mug, printer ink to cardboard, and paper, this is a great way of going green.

15) Harvest and collect rainwater and use it for washing and gardening.

16) Switch back to using cloth instead of disposable wipes. Cloths can be used more than once. And even if you use a brand new cloth every day, it would still be much safer to the environment than disposable wipes.

17) Buy organic food, prepare organic meals and try greener recipes.

18) Go paperless by paying bills online.

19) Buy products and groceries in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging needed.

20) Unplug all your electronic appliances whenever they’re not in use.

21) Make sure that your car is properly and regularly maintained to reduce carbon emission.

22) Do not over depend on fossil fuels. The less you use petrol and other fossil fuel the better.

23) Conduct a regular home energy audits.

24) Consider checking on E-bay, Craigslist, and other online sites as an option to buying new items.

25) Do your laundry using cold water instead of hot water.

26) Set a great example to your children and every member of your household and ensure that everybody adopts green habits.

27) Pick up litter within your compound.

28) Donate items that you no longer use to charity.

29) Pack leftovers in reusable containers and not on throwaway wraps.

30) Make your own detergents.

31) Do not use tap water to shave. Use a cup of warm water instead.

32) Water your plants wisely. Consider watering your plants in the morning and in the evening when there’s no sun.

33) Promote locally produced products. For example, buy vegetables that are produced locally.

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Sarah Ann

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