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5 Clear Signs You Should Remove Your Existing Mattress

Sleep deprivation is something that is often overlooked but is extremely important to your well-being. If your mattress is surpassing 10 years, this could be one of the main reasons why your sleeping experience is being affected.

Sometimes you wake up every morning feeling stiff, tired or sore while other times painful red bite marks are evident. All of these signs point to one thing, and that is to replace your old mattress. However, the disposal of old mattresses can be tiresome both mentally and physically. That is why mattress removal services are so handy and convenient.

If you are not convinced that your mattress needs replacing, here are 5 obvious signs that your worn-out mattress is on its last legs.

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1. Over seven years old

A mattress is one of those typical households that most of us ignore although we use them around a third of our entire life. Most of us will admit that the mattress that we first bought on the day of our marriage is more than 10 years and is still with us.

You should note that the average lifespan of a typical mattress is seven to ten years. Only mattresses that are made out of high-end durable materials can live close to ten years. These mattresses are made of strong airbeds with reinforced innerspring coils.

2. Sagging or common deformation

Sagging is enough proof that your mattress needs to be replaced completely. For most of us who are heavier, you may realize that that once you sleep on your bed you tend to wake up pulled on one side. This is the result of the mattress being unable to withstand your weight, hence the uneven distribution of the weight on the mattress.

Sagging of the mattress can be the main reason you wake up tired with backaches and more because with age. The original pressure of your mattress has lost its firmness and so your body sinks and prevents you from moving freely.

3. Bed bugs

You may notice every morning when you wake up with itchy bites all over your body yet there are no mosquitoes. Bed bugs! They are responsible for such bites if you don’t regularly clean up your mattress. Old mattress usually attracts bed bugs because dust and other stains accumulate over time. Not only could there be bed bugs but also germs, dust mites and other microscopic organisms.

4. Bumps and lumps

If you apply some pressure with your hands onto the mattress and you feel some bumps, then your mattress is incompetent. This is a sign of a low-quality mattress or an old mattress. In either case, a new mattress will save you the backaches and pain.

5. Change of sleeping comfort

Perhaps you have had a better sleeping experience somewhere else or your sleeping comfort has changed over time. The adjustment of your pleasure would indicate that you are unaware of the fact that your mattress has lost its original comfort and you have only been ignoring it because it is still serving you its functionality; for you to sleep on. However, what you will notice is that you have been neglecting your health. This is a clear sign that you will need to replace your mattress.

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If you are planning for a mattress removal in Sydney and require urgent assistance, then you should call Paul’s Rubbish Removal. We specialise in old mattress removal and disposal. We safely dispose of old mattresses by recycling them. This ensures that we protect our environment for a greener future. Call Paul’s Rubbish Removal today on 0407 125 125 for all your mattress removal needs.

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