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5 Tips to Prevent Bugs in Your Home This Winter

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Autumn is finally here in the Southern Hemisphere!

As the mildest time of year in Sydney and Australia in general, humidity has dropped and the air is freshly crisp making you to want to go out and enjoy Sydney’s coastal walks. But while you’re trying to get out and enjoy some fresh air before settling back indoors for the soon to follow winter, bugs are trying to get into your home. As it gets a little bit colder in Sydney, many people would want to spend more time indoors feeling warm and cosy, but so will common bugs, pests, rodents and insects.

Australian Entomological Society agrees with their American counterparts that pests, particularly bed bugs, are quite good at hiding and there’s nothing more inviting to them than your warm cosy home, especially during winter. And although most of these bugs won’t be grabbing a snack from your kitchen table, would you still want to share your home with them?

We guess the answer is no, and that’s why these 5 top tips will be crucial in helping you prevent bugs from your home this winter.

Keep Your Eyes Open at All Times

Believe it or not, bugs seem to have unearthly abilities. For instance, bed bugs can allegedly survive a serious apocalypse while mosquitoes and many other deadly bugs can fly! But even with such abilities, there’s no doubt that they cannot simply come out of nowhere.

Your best and number form of defence should therefore, revolve around keeping your eyes open at all times. In other words, you should constantly check for signs and indications so that you can prevent them from invading your beautiful space. For example, stagnant water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes while rubbish can attract rodents and cockroaches.

You should therefore, ensure that your home is ultimately devoid of any form of rubbish.

Keep Bugs from Entering Your Home by Securing the Outside

We all know that your home never came with a bug breeding equipment or room. That said, all bugs are invaders who were once living outside before making the transition to look for warm temperature, food or water. As a homeowner, you should always strive to keep them outside and the best way is by working from the outside to the inside.

Whether it is the rubbish placed outside or just about anything that connects your home to the outside such as windows, pipes and vents, bugs are pretty sneaky and they’d use any of these spots to gain entry. You should therefore, ensure that everything is in order. Rubbish should be promptly removed while any broken window or small cracks and open spaces should be repaired without hesitation.

Never Compromise Your Home’s Cleanliness

Bugs often gravitate towards messes and so keeping your home organized and impeccably clean is one crucial way of preventing bugs from your home this winter. Ensure that crumbs and other potential bug treats do not lurk around in the kitchen, dining room or anywhere else, for that matter.

You should consider vacuuming regularly, say once a week. Again, make sure that trash bins are properly covered and sealed. You can also avoid things that bugs like to congregate in such as boxes, stacks of magazines and bags.

Always Ensure that Your Home is Dry

Keep in mind that water is extra dangerous for encouraging many types of bugs. They love wet areas not only as a source of drinking fountain, but also as a suitable breeding ground.

Leaving your sink filled with stagnant water and dirty dishes is one of the guiltiest places, but look less dangerous and less obvious. Ensure that pipes in the bathrooms and beneath the sinks are not leaky and if they are, call in a plumber and make sure that they are repaired immediately.

You can as well consider dehumidifying extra damp places such as the basement.

Prevent Your Home from becoming a Bug Buffet

Another proper way of preventing bugs from your home this winter is by making your home doubly inhospitable for the pests. You can do this by ensuring that bugs do not get food or water within your home.

Ensure that food are properly sealed in containers and stored in refrigerators. You should also make sure that fresh fruits aren’t left exposed because they highly attract bugs while pet bowls should be kept clean both before and immediately after use.

Know and Admit When the Enemy has Beaten You

You’ve done all the above, but there seem to be some bugs in your home? Well, it’s not bad to graciously admit that the enemy beat you and you lost the battle, but you will eventually win the war. It is at this point that you should seek advice from a professional bug management company. They’ll help you evaluate the extent of the bug problem and come up with possible solutions.

In the meantime, it’s important to keep in mind that being unaware of bugs’ presence in your home is the root cause of a very big problem and getting rid of them can be a real hassle. Therefore, the above prevention tips could be of immense help before it all blows out of proportion.

We hope you’ve found this article useful in your fight against house bugs! To keep your house well maintained and prevent the attraction of bugs, always make sure you are not leaving piles of rubbish or junk laying around. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we can help you remove large piles of rubbish in an efficient manner.

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