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6 Common Misconceptions About Waste Recycling

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There are numerous misconceptions about waste removal passing around today. Truth be told, it can be hard to differentiate the myths from the facts. So we embarked on a journey to sort out the truth from the trash in an attempt of setting the record straight concerning some of the common misconceptions about waste removal once and for all.

So hop on and let make things clear!

1. Glass can be recycled

No one should beat themselves up if hesitant to recycle glass because most of us have passed through this misconception. The thing is that even though glass can easily break, it can be re-used and re-manufactured for a much longer time than anyone cares to count. Throwing it out as garbage only means that it ends up lying somewhere causing potential damage to our environment.

So you need to keep in mind the fact that glass is an asset that can still be broken down and remodelled into something new and useful.

2. Need for multiple vendors and contractors for different locations

It’s easy to get pulled into the idea that you need numerous waste provider companies to manage different type of waste in every location. A worthy waste partner will be able to handle it all and thus save you on both money and time.

3. Some papers cannot be recycled

The problem with papers is that they come in so many different style and models. Hence, most people easily get confused about what papers to recycle and which to throw away. However, this is a task that you should never have to endure because all types of papers can be recycled. Have some newspapers, magazines or printer papers perhaps? All this should end up in a recycle bin and not the trash can.

4. Unavoidable increase in prices of waste removal

Receiving a receipt from waste companies can mean a massive hole in your pocket. This is because some waste companies tag in some uncalled fees without so much as an explanation. Our advice is that to avoid this, one needs to do some research and stick to a waste provider who gives your maximum services at reduced waste bills – and we are that company.

5. Plastic bags cannot be recycled

Most of us once thought that plastic paper bags are one-time use and throw away items. After some research, we discovered that although plastics cannot be re-used to serve the same purpose, they can be reworked on to create a different item. The catch is that they need a different collection method and unique processing equipment that most recycling firm’s lack. Needless to say, we at Paul’s Rubbish removal have all the units required to recycle your plastic bags in no time.

6. Remove the bottle cap

One misconception that has chewed on so many minds is whether to leave the caps on the plastic bottles on. We can all tell that the cap is made from plastic too, right? The confusion arises from the fact that over the ages the lids melting point had been a bit higher than that of the container. Ideally then one had to remove the cap from the bottle to ensure that the plastic melted down evenly. However, modern-day recycling technology gives you the freedom to toss in both the lid and the container straight into the bin.


If you are ready to experience a reliable, effect yet affordable waste removal company in Sydney then you need to contact Paul’s Rubbish Removal Company. All you need to do is call us today for a free quote.

Common types of junk and waste we remove include:

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