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6 Common Storage Unit Junk

Most homeowners use self-storage units for keeping inherited items, products in transition or unused goods that they find cumbersome to toss away. However, with time, the junk accumulate and turn the storage spaces into ideal museums. Either way, you will realise that there are specific types of junk that you will find from one storage unit to another. There will come a point in time when you realise that you need junk removed from storage unit.

1) Children toys

Your kids will always want toys to keep them in a playing mood. As they grow, they usually develop specific types of toys depending on the size and what other kids use. With two or three kids, your home can be a whole garden of toys if no properly stored. Otherwise, both the kids and parents develop some attachments to the toys. The happy moments, labour pains, cries and more. You will always find it very tough waking up and clearing your rooms of any toy.

You will also realise that children toys define what a child learns. So to cover all the aspect of learning, you will need to acquire different types of toys to meet your child’s needs. These can be dolls, stuffed toys, puzzle toys, computer gaming toys, food-related toys and more. Bottom line, all these types of toys will find their way into the storage units.

2) Clothing

Throwing or giving away some of the clothing whether used or unused is always a tough call to many people. To most people, clothes serve as a reminder for the best moments shared. As a result, millions of memories are brought to life by looking at the clothes. For this reason, a lot is pilled in the form of old clothes, shoes and any type of wears in the storage unit. The worst is that most people keep storage units twenty-four hours closed. As a result, the clothes remained forgotten only to be remembered when a new item is packed into the unit.

3) Furniture

Many people like a fashionable product. And, just like any other home item, there are different fashions of furniture that creeps in the market and are rendered outdated. Upon buying a new set of furniture, the old ones will always find their best homes in the storage units. Secondly, due to factors such as wear and tear, furniture grows old, crack, bend, fade and get broken. Sometimes, it is the whole furniture. But, in most cases, it is part of the furniture. Upon meeting a halt in its functioning, many people will simply carry the furniture and drop it in the storage unit. Getting out of their new homes is always a tall order.

4) Mattresses

Giving an old mattress a second life is not always a walk in the park. It is very difficult to recycle, reuse or donate them. As a result, they normally find their ways in self-storage units. The stores are the only safe places away from rain, dust and intense sunshine.

5) Old Electronics

We all find it very tough to toss a dead electronic appliance. Because of the initial costs and the size, we tend to believe that there are some gratifications we can still achieve from the old item. What follows is keeping them safe in the storage unit for return to manufacturer company for recycling. However, once they are in, they always find a permanent home in the storage units.

6) Collectables

Collectables assume different sizes, shapes, and values. People collect items mainly for two purposes, either because they are valuable or cherishable. Otherwise, many homeowners find themselves in the crossroad when it comes to which item to keep and which to throw or give away.

Either way, keeping the items in the store can also help a bunch. With tender care, most collectables increase in value. You can sell them at higher prices in future. The most popular collectables include vinyl records, comic books, coins, old currencies, trading cards, stamps, wine, fine arts and jewellery.

Storage units are gems that should not run out of space. You need them to safely keep your non-perishable items awaiting for resale, repairs, or donation. If your storage unit is running out of space, take time to sort and dispose of the items you do not need anymore. Otherwise keeping the unit sparkling clean and in a good condition is key in maintaining clean items.

If you don’t have the time to clean out your storage unit, simply contact the professionals to do it for you. Our team are qualified and equipped with the right tools to take care of the job for you. Paul’s Rubbish Removal will hand remove and collect any type of rubbish that you need gone from your storage unit.

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Sarah Ann

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