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Storage Unit Junk Removal Sydney

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Storage Unit Junk Removal Sydney

GUARANTEE same-day rubbish removal!

  • Free Quote
  • Local Rubbish Service
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • 10+ Years Experience
  • Cheapest Prices
  • Always On-time
Book a service online & SAVE $50* NOW!

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Sydney Storage Unit Junk Removal

Is your storage unit quickly getting filled with your useless junk? Looking for a way to clean out your storage unit? Paul’s Rubbish Removal offers speedy and efficient storage units at the lowest rates in Sydney. We handle storage units of all sizes and all types of junk and rubbish.

Whether you need a partial storage unit clearance or a complete service, we are the team you can count on to get the job done successfully. Our team of professionals will leave your site completely clean and organised after we are done with the job. Paul’s Rubbish Removal have the resources and capabilities to provide you with the custom service that you need.

We highly value our customers and will go the extra little step to make your service that make special. Simply ask us to customise our services and we will be more than happy to carry it out if it is within our power. This is our biggest advantage over our competitors, we actually listen and care! No two jobs are the same and therefore we require different services to perfectly suit your situation.

To take our customer service further, we are quick to appear at the scene to clean up your storage with our same-day rubbish removal. Simply let us know that you require urgent storage unit clean out and within 24 hours, we’ll attend the site to begin the removal process. Our team will hand remove each item and load it onto our truck for swift disposal.

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What are common items found in storage units?

The most common form of junk that we find ourselves removing from self-storage units are household furniture. Tables and chairs that have been passed down through generations are preserved in storages with little to no use and only end up costing you money for storage.

No matter what type of rubbish or junk is being held in your self-storage unit, you can trust Paul’s Rubbish Removal to perform a reliable storage unit clearance without fail. There is nothing that we can’t remove from your storage unit for you. We will haul off your rubbish and pick up it up with our large trucks.

Paul’s Rubbish Removal Storage Unit Rubbish Removal

We love to provide the best customer satisfaction in rubbish removal and won’t stop until you are 120% happy. Our team can custom tailor our services to suit your wants and needs such as storage unit organising and maintenance. We will even go that extra step to make sure that your storage is well-kept until you return.

Contact our team of professionals today for a free storage unit clean out quote over the phone on 0407 125 125.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which locations can you remove storage junk from?2019-08-21T15:54:47+10:00

As an industry leader in Sydney, we provide our storage unit cleanout services in the entire Sydney metropolitan region. We offer the best storage unit cleanout services to commercial office buildings, residential homes, and large construction sites.

Our storage unit cleanout experts will remove junk from all over Sydney including out in Western Sydney, Eastern Suburbs Sydney, South Sydney and Northern Suburbs. Contact us for more information.

Do you provide tools for storage unit removal?2019-08-21T15:52:54+10:00

Yes. As a professional rubbish removal company, we undertake any removal services when we are fully equipped with the right tools to handle the task at hand.

We fully understand that storage unit removal can be quite challenging if you are not armed with the right tools. That’s why we see it fit to invest in the right tools and equipment to make our work easier and also to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the services that we offer.

How long does it take to clear out a storage unit?2019-08-21T15:51:59+10:00

It usually takes us less than a day to clear out a storage unit. This will, nonetheless, depend on the volume of the waste and, of course, the size of the storage unit.

But because we fully understand that you’re on a tight schedule, we always strive to make sure that we carry out the cleanout as fast as possible without compromising the quality of our work. To successfully do this, we work with well-trained experts who are highly-experienced in dealing with storage unit junk. They know how to efficiently handle such was and will do it as fast as possible.

Is there any storage unit rubbish that you don’t accept?2019-08-21T15:50:55+10:00

While we essentially collect various types of storage unit rubbish such as hoarded junk, unwanted antique furniture, tables, and chairs, old car parts and many more, we do not accept waste that may be infectious.

In other words, we do not accept waste such as asbestos, syringes, and needles as well as anything that may be harmful to the human body. The main reason behind this is that we are not certified to handle infectious waste and so our experts will politely turn them down.

How much does a storage unit cleanout cost?2019-08-21T15:50:04+10:00

The amount of cleaning out your storage unit will depend on several factors such as the volume of the storage unit, its size, and the amount of manpower needed, your location, the amount of time and effort and many more.

Nonetheless, our prices are among the most affordable if not the most affordable in Sydney. This arises from the fact that we strongly believe that storage rubbish removal should be affordable and budget-friendly to all Sydney residents.

Can you empty my storage unit?2019-08-21T15:48:32+10:00

Yes. If your storage is getting filled with useless junk, you can hire Paul and his team to help you deal with this situation. We will quickly empty your storage unit, clean it and leave it in perfect condition.

It doesn’t matter the size, we can handle all forms of storage units whether big or small. Whether you need us to empty the entire storage unit or offer partial storage unit clearance, we will handle it perfectly and satisfyingly.

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