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7 Household Items You Can Replace with Greener Alternatives

The world depends on plastic for the manufacture of almost every household item. This dependency makes some sense since plastic is the only type of material that is versatile, durable, flexible, and that which meets everyone’s demand without straining their pockets.

However, every corner of the planet is junk in the form of littered plastic bags, cans, bottles and more. The once amiable home is gradually turned into a small hell congruent to the original one. It is for this reason that Mars is always in the limelight.

But can Mars accommodate the whole world’s population? If yes, how sure are we that it will not be polluted by the same humans?

Saving the world does not necessarily mean deserting it. It means substituting commonly used hazardous items with eco-friendly ones. You will be surprised to realise that there are alternatives for almost each and every household items used in daily chores.


If you are into beauty, then you definitely know what it takes to have good footwear. However, the average male shoes are made with non-biodegradable plastic. They form a good proportion of the litter in the streets. But are there any other alternatives?

There are companies such as Alibirds which provides a wide range of footwear made exclusively from organic wool. The wears are biodegradable, efficient and disposable.

Dish towels

Most of the towels used for wiping the dishes, clothes, and other items in the household are made from plastic products. To replace such products, eco-friendly dish towels made from bamboo are now in the market. Bamboo towels have the same high-quality life as compared to the plastic-made ones. On the other hand, they are organic and with a soft feel.


It can sound odd to hear that there is an alternative for your polyester or nylon-6 toothbrush. In fact, apart from brushing sticks that are mainly used by people in the upcountry, you are born and raised knowing that toothbrush can exist only in the form of plastics.

There are varieties of toothbrushes made exclusively from bamboo. This includes their handle and bristles. Some companies also claim that their toothbrushes are made with biodegradable nylon-4 instead of nylon-6. However, these claims have not yet been proved. But you will surely find an all-bamboo made toothbrush.

Grocery bags

With bans on plastic bags taking its course in different parts of the world, factories are now getting into the manufacture of Eco-bags. These bags are made with recycled cotton that is more sustainable than organic cotton. They come in various sizes with comfortable handles, some of which are long enough to fit into your shoulder.

The most recent invention is the Reusable Silicon Stasher bag. The bag is made from 100% pure platinum food –grade silicone. It is fully functional, 100% non-plastic and self-sealing. This bag is the top priority alternative for the plastic bags that most people use.

Kitchen Cutleries

Cutleries in most of the kitchen are mainly in the form of silver and iron wares. When thrown in the bins, these items normally expose most people to risks of accidents. Some of these iron products are carried onto the fields hence rendering the fields agriculturally unproductive.

Nonetheless, there is a way to combat this problem. And, that is, substituting some of the basic cutlery with wooden ones. There exist a number of wooden cutlery in the form of spoons and knives that can be used for serving and when taking meals.

Water Bottles

World’s water consumption is estimated at one million bottles per minute. Out of these, 90 percent of the bottles used to keep the waters in stores are exclusively made with plastic products. Most of these bottles end up in the lakes and oceans in the form of littered products. Just imagine how many digits of world’s garbage estimates can be changed by cutting the habit of getting water from expensive plastic bottle companies.

Items such as wooden coffee cups have been there since medieval times. They could be used even to gulp down waters. Contemporary, industries employ different methods to improvise the existing materials. The latest is the Cove water bottle. The bottle is completely biodegradable and simple to use. It is made of PH4, a naturally occurring biopolymer that degenerates under disposal.

Organic food wraps

The last in the list is organic food wraps that act as an alternative to the polymerised one. These food wraps are made exclusively with non-toxic and non-plastic, certified organic cotton fabrics that decompose wholly upon disposal. The products are as a result of the infusion of coniferous tree resins and natural oil, blended and manufactured to convert. Bee’s Wrap is the popular company behind this wraps.

These food wraps can be used on products such as cheese, crusty loaf of bread, half a lemon, fruits, and vegetables. They are washable, compostable and reusable.

Going all green is the only sure way of maintaining a cleaner and safer environment. It starts with us and ends with us. The listed are but a few of hundreds of products that can be substituted for some of the plastic products that we use.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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