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7 Tips to Cleaning Rubbish in Your Garden Or Yard

Got some rubbish in your yard or garden that you want to clean up? Yard maintenance is one way of keeping a house neat and looking its best.

Here are our 7 amazing tips for clearing the rubbish in your garden or yard.

1) Wear Protective Clothing

Protect yourself from sharp objects, bacteria, insects and things that could harm you by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). This means that at the very least, you should wear gloves, a hat, a long-sleeved shirt or overall and boots or shoes before attempting to head out to clean your yard.

2) Use A Tarp

Laying out a tarp before you clean up your garden or yard will make things easier in the long run. The tarp can be used as a garbage bin for all the debris. Simply throw it in instead of having to put them in boxes and bins. What’s more, you’ll be protected from sharp twigs, broken glasses and the like. The tarp itself can be dragged around pretty easily.

3) Top To Bottom

Get rid of rubbish starting from the top and work your way to the bottom. This means you should prune and remove tree branches first, then focus on your shrubs and plants before cleaning up the ground. This way, you’ll only have to do one ground sweep and save time.

4) Use Your Tools and Equipment

The right tools and equipment can make cleaning a whole lot easier. Prepare your leaf blower if you’ll be clearing out leaves, and a lawn mower if you’re going to be cutting grass. Rakes, shovels and brooms can sweep out ground debris in one place for later rubbish removal.

5) Clear Your Yard of Debris

A good rule of thumb is that you should only leave items that belong to the yard. I.e. A water hose, furniture or barbecue equipment. Everything else should be thrown in the tarp or kept in storage.

First, collect coarse and hard debris such as dead stalks, twigs, rocks and the like. Then, collect compostable or soft debris, such as leaves, rotten garden produce and soil. You can use a leaf blower or a rake for the leaves and tools to trim the grass. Put them all in the tarp for disposal later on.

6) Declutter

As long as you’re cleaning the yard, why not throw away broken, outdated or rusted things away?

Take stock and check out what no longer works. Open up boxes and cabinets to reveal the contents. Your shed or garage can accumulate dozens of clutter in just a matter of months, so it’s best to do this regularly.

You can also get some boxes or similar storage items to keep everything more organised. You can recycle shoe hangers for storing miscellaneous items, a small coffee or garbage can for storing your lights or even a basket that can be labelled accordingly.

7) Call a Professional Rubbish Removal

Regular yard maintenance is a snap with the help of a rubbish removal expert. You can call in a professional who can take away the trash and things you don’t need. We can help remove debris and unwanted furniture, leaving you with a neat-looking garden or yard. We also handle any garden waste removal job; stumps, trunks, branches, broken timber.

Big or small debris, we’ve got you covered. The team at Paul’s Rubbish Removal has all the tools and equipment to tackle any job. Whether it is soil, concrete, trunks, stumps, sand, we can dispose of it for you. Simply call us on 0407 125 125 and we’ll be more than happy to assist your rubbish removal needs.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann is a Digital Content Writer for Paul's Rubbish Removal. Sarah is a huge advocate for recycling, environmental sustainability, health and well-being and has a genuine love for all sea animals. Keep up with Sarah by following Paul's Rubbish Removal blog!

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