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7 Ways To Recycle Your Coffee Ground

Coffee is a popular energy powerhouse in most homes across the globe. It comes with a wealth of nutrients and antioxidants that are ideal for human health. However, while using a French press or a coffee maker, there are resultant spent grounds that are always tossed in the garbage without considering their use. Here are seven ways to recycle your coffee grounds.


Adding the grounds in your compost heap is an efficient way to introduce nitrogen in the plant and animal matter for future use. It is also a sure way of introducing beneficial worms in the heap and for the sustainability of high temperature. When adding the grounds, it is advisable to remain vigilant on the ratio between the green and brown matter. Otherwise, you can end up with an acidic compost that can burn all your crops.

Absorbing food odours

Coffee grounds are loaded with special ingredients that absorb smell from different surfaces. According to science daily, the caffeine in the coffee has an outstanding ability to clean sulphur from the air and various surfaces in a process called adsorption.

In the kitchen, coffee grounds are the best alternative to baking soda. They are used to absorb odours from foods in the freezers and refrigerators. Alternatively, you can use coffee grounds during hand washing to remove food odours.

As a natural skin exfoliator

Coffee grounds are not only gentle but they also provide basic chemicals that will make your skin glow with apex beauty. They remove the dead cells that clog the skin pores to realise liveliness and high-end rejuvenation. With the coffee grounds, you can easily make a homemade scrub that is cost-effective and easy to use.

Caffeine, the stimulant behind coffee, is a potent anti-inflammatory chemical for any skin. It draws water from fatty cells and enhances blood flow in the body.

As a natural abrasive

Dealing with burnt pots and pans is always a demanding task. In fact, a greasy burnt pot can make you hate cooking for a while. With a spoonful of ground coffee, you can change the narrative from regrets to cutting-edge cleanliness. All you need is some water, scouring pad and a dish brush. For a messy and greasy pot, you will need a coffee filter and coffee grounds to make cleaning a breeze.

As a natural dye

While drinking coffee, the first thing that rings in your mind is always remaining vigilant. You are pretty sure that any spillage can stain your clothes for life. This is the same case with the resultant grounds.

Pour the coffee grounds in a pot and heat to boil. You can then dip a white or brightly coloured clothes in the solution and leave it for a few minutes. Remove the clothes and keep to dry. You will realise that the material will appear as a brown colour that fades with time. As a result, to maintain the dye, you will need to desist from regular washing. Otherwise, you can use the dye exclusively on DIY projects.

As garden pest repellents

Pests such as mosquitoes and ants do not like the smell of coffee. To keep them away, you will need to sprinkle the coffee grounds on your favourite chilling spot or around your garden crops.

Soft-bellied pests such as snails and slugs do not like the texture of the grounds. Sprinkling coffee grains around your crops is one sure way of keeping them off the garden.

You can also soak the coffee grounds overnight to make a liquid anti-microbial liquid. The resultant spray repels pests such as caterpillars and many other critters.

To make coffee candles

You love the smell of coffee. That’s why you cannot miss at least one cup of the magical drink even for a day. Then, why not repurpose the resultant grains into a homemade candle for an amazing feel?

All you need to make a coffee candle is burnt candle leftovers and coffee grounds. Otherwise, no technical knowledge or prerequisite is necessary to puff life in your room with the favourite energy smell.

Coffee grounds are gems to keep and reuse. In fact, the aforementioned are just but few uses of the grounds. Keep your environment and residential space clean by giving the grains a second life. Otherwise, you may also like to read more about how to remain all-time tidy around your home place. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we cover all your home junk removal in just one go.

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