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8 Simple Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste Now

One of the biggest challenges we are facing in our society today is environmental degradation. A contributing factor to environmental hazards is mainly caused by lack of proper waste management. Plastics, the main threat to a safe environment, take years to decompose. They also release toxic chemicals into the environment, especially when they are exposed to sunlight.

Most plastic that we use daily end up in landfills and a small fraction is recycled. Recycling plastic waste is an expensive project requiring much energy and water. Therefore, the only safe way to protect our environment is to cut the amount of plastic waste.

1) Reusable shopping bag

Over 150 million plastic bags are treated as litter every year. Most of these bags end up in landfills or in the ocean. To reduce plastic waste, consider carrying a reusable shopping bag. Whether you are shopping at the supermarket or grocery mall, bring a woven bag you will reuse another day.

2) Do not use plastic water bottle

To avoid buying water in plastic bottles that are not reusable, consider buying a reusable water bottle. Water bottles are available in different shapes, sizes and materials; hence you do not have an excuse to continue buying bottled water.

3) Get a thermos

Apart from bottled water, we mostly use plastic with coffee. Disposable coffee cups appear eco-friendly since they look like they are made of paper. However, they are lined with a type of plastic known as polyethylene. Most coffee cups can be recycled, but most coffee shops do not have the right infrastructure to do so. To avoid getting these coffee cups, buy your own thermos that you can carry to the coffee shop.

4) Stop using plastic straws

Plastic straws are single-use items that are not really necessary. Think about it, do you get a straw when you order coffee at a restaurant? In the same way you take coffee with a straw, get your water or soda without a straw. Since most restaurants offer straw for their customers, inform the waiter to serve you without one. Alternatively, if you must use a straw, carry your own; straws made of glass or steel can be cleaned and reused later.

5) Use plastic containers

While storing your food in a freezer, fridge or pantry, use glass containers. Plastic zip lock baggies, plastic wrap and plastic containers are not eco-friendly, and most are single-use. You should also do away with plastic containers that you use to pack your lunch but instead use glass containers. Glass containers are available in different sizes and lids to ensure your food is safe.

6) Avoid plastic cutlery

If you want to take out an order from your favourite restaurant, chances are they will pack a set of plastic cutlery, fork, spoon and knife. When ordering, make sure to ask for no plastic cutlery. Chances are you will be taking the food home, where you can use the silverware that is readily available in the house. If you carry the food to work, keep silverware cutlery in your bag that you can wash and use repeatedly.

7) Shop in bulk

Most of the house’s plastic waste is generated in the kitchen. To reduce packaging waste, carry your reusable shopping bag and containers and shop in bulk. Look out for stores that allow customers to carry shopping jars and have filling stations.

8) Say no to snacks and food with excess packaging

Some snacks have a big plastic bag with only a few chips inside. While shopping for your snacks, avoid snacks that have excess packing to save the environment. Some food stores also wrap each fruit and vegetable with plastic wrap. Instead of carrying the wrap home to throw away, leave it in the store so that they can reuse it.

Although plastic has negative effects on our environment, replacing plastic and avoiding plastic entirely is nearly impossible. However, before purchasing a plastic item, consider whether the item can be replaced.

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Sarah Ann

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