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9 Simple Ways to Free Up Space at Home

Every year, there are new trends that emerge our society. The trends cut across fashion, cutlery, furniture, food and anything else that comes to mind. It is very easy, therefore, to find yourself with lots of clutter in the house as you replace your old fashion items with the new trend. Decluttering can be a hard task especially if you do not know where to start from. If you feel the need to free some space in your house, you can start with the list below of household items that you should get rid of.

1) Clothes you no longer wear

This cuts across clothes you no longer wear because they are out of fashion, clothes that you have outgrown and clothes that are worn out. In addition, get rid of any other linen you have in your house that you do not use anymore. Items such as old bed sheets, curtains, pillow cases, and anything else has been sitting in the closet for years without being used.

2) Outdated technology

Technology is a dynamic field that evolves too fast. We get new devices time after time and replace the older devices quickly even before they wear out to keep up with current trends. This means you will end up with cell phones, television sets, discs and video players that are not damaged, yet you do not need them anymore. There are many services that will help you dispose of electronic waste safely without damaging the nature.

3) Broken furniture

If your garage is full of broken furniture, chest of drawers, couches, tables, stools, bed or shelves, that you have not fixed for over a year, then it is time to let go of that furniture. You can donate the furniture to charity or leave it out as rubbish but you have to get rid of it to create space in your house.

4) Reading materials

Most people are in the habit of holding onto magazines, newspapers and books. This can pile into a heap of paper that occupies space in your house. If you have books that you have not referenced for more than five years, then it is time to clear those books from the shelve. Old newspapers and magazines should be recycled to reclaim space in your home.

5) Art work

People choose art to display in their houses depending on the season they are in. Therefore, it means most people will keep on replacing art display in their house. This lead to having a collection of art stored up in the drawers. To clear space in your house, sell or give away any stored artwork that you know you will never hang on your wall.

6) Kitchen tools

Keep only what you mostly use in your kitchen and get rid of clutter. This may include chipped dishes and cracked mugs, broken blender or damaged refrigerator. These items occupy space in the kitchen or in the garage and finally you are going to throw them away.

7) Storage containers

Empty storage containers occupy space in your house. Remember, buy storage containers for specific item that you need to store. You should also get rid of the excessive plastic bags stored in the house.

8) Cleaning supplies

If you have different types of cleaning supplies yet you only use one, then get rid of the surplus. Additionally, if you have half empty bottles, put the supplies in one bottle and get rid of the empty bottles. This will create space in your cupboard.

9) Toys

Most people who have children hold onto toys that their kids have outgrown. It does not matter if you spent a lot of money to buy the toys, if your children do not need them anymore get rid of them. Filling your garage with toys that your children do not remember or use anymore will not add any value.

Decluttering can be hard since we form attachments with our personal belonging. However, the more clutter we allow, the more limited space in the house. If you have a list of items that you do not know where to dispose them, contact Paul’s Rubbish Removal. They will help you to get rid of junk that you no longer use fast and conveniently at an affordable price.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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