Buying things for your new home is exciting and satisfying at first. From new appliances to new furniture, filling in your new homes with new things after its construction truly sparks joy. However, when most of your things start to age, what do you do? Only a few know when to truly dispose of their things. There are many tell-tale signs to figure it out but it might take a little more than calculating your appliance’s age to decide if you should get rid of it.

One of the major appliances in your homes is air conditioners. You use air conditioners at night when you sleep and in the warm days when you just can’t beat the heat. Air conditioners are usually always on the use. The best question to ask is, when is the best time to dispose of your old air conditioner? These are some major noticeable signs that you need to replace your air conditioners soon:


The main function of your air conditioner is to keep your place cool. This is especially for the seasons and periods that are more humid and hotter than your usual normal sunny day. It should do exactly that. When you’ve set it to the highest level and the coolest temperature but you find that your air conditioner doesn’t do the job anymore, maybe its time to really dispose it and consider getting a new model.


Defining what an “old age” is for an air conditioner can be a bit more subjective. However, despite the personal take on age, an old air conditioner usually ranges from 10 to 15 years. There’s also the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) Number which is the Total Cool Air Output over Total Energy Input. A higher SEER Number means less efficient in its cooling effect. A higher SEER Number is usually present in older air conditioners. Measure your unit’s SEER Number.

Frequent breakdowns 

If your air conditioner unit frequently breaks down and you tend to spend more to get it fixed, then maybe the unit is really diminishing faster than expected or the unit you bought is incurring more damages more than it can take. You’re going to keep spending more money with an air conditioner that doesn’t perform better. Sometimes, spending more for repairs, especially for older units, is a sign that it is a good time to consider getting a new one.

Electric bills

One of the more subtle signs that your air conditioner is already old is by your electric bills every month. With age, having an older air conditioner means it needs more energy and time to cool off the same as a newer unit. This decrease in efficiency usually translates to a higher electric consumption to keep your homes just as chill as it usually did before. Observe your electric bills and if you find that using your airconditioner spikes it up, call your local removalists to take it.


Paul’s Rubbish Removal also provides services to collect your old air conditioner units. We are dedicated to keeping your minds cool from the stress of your old air conditioner removal. Let us take away your units so you can give way to your new one.

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