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How to Dispose of a Washer and Dryer Properly in Sydney

Over the last couple of years, there have been changes in the way we do things. Some of the changes are evident in our homes, for instance, new and more sophisticated appliances have made work easier. Probably, you are thinking of upgrading your dryer or washing machine. However, there is always a process to dispose of the one you have now.

Whether your washer is dead or you want to upgrade your laundry, getting rid of old stuff is not always an easy task. Some of these whitegoods are bulky and constructed from materials that make the disposal difficult. If you want to dispose of your dryer or washer in Sydney and you are stuck, we’ll show you how you can get rid of it safely.

1) Second-hand appliance dealer

Depending on the state of your appliance, it may be accepted at centre or a second-hand appliance dealer. You will help to make home appliances more affordable to those who rely on the second-hand market. So, if you choose to sell, you need to make sure it is still in good working condition. Some charity organisations may also accept washing machine and dryers that are in good conditions. Most of the organisations don’t accept these items because there is a process of ensuring the process is working and safe usually requires money.

2) Council rubbish collection

One of the easiest ways to dump your appliances is to leave them at the curb or collection point to be picked up by the City council. However, you should check with the council if they accept whitegoods during their pick up days. The City offers collection and recycling of white goods such as dryers and washing machine. You will have to make a prior arrangement in advance and pay a moderate fee. They will also inform you if the local trash depot will accept your dryer or washing machine for recycling.

3) Take it to a recycling centre

Another option to dispose of washing machines and dryers properly in Sydney is to dump them yourself. But you should note that chucking your items on the street or in any illegal place may attract a fine. If you prefer to dump it yourself, you may need to remove the doors off your washing machine as a safety precaution. If you are allowed to deliver your items to waste site, you may need to hire a roll off dumpster to make it easier for you to transfer the appliance from your house to the recycling centre or final dumping point.

4) Electronics recycling program

In most cases, white goods such as dryers and washing machines are usually discarded via collection in an electronics recycling program. In these facilities, the discarded items are shredded, then the useful part recovered. In Australia, these items are a major part of the metal recycling program. A number of commercial recyclers will accept washing machine and dryers for recycling. This may be through a drop-off service or a pickup. Some locals who deal with scrap metal can also pick your dryer or washer for free.

5) Non-profit organisations

Another alternative is to give it away for free to recycling organisations such as Freecycle. It is a non-profit movement of environment lovers. You will need to list the appliance you want to get rid of online, and they will organise how they will pick it up. Besides being environmentally friendly, recycling appliances such as dryers and washing machine can offer cost savings since you will not pay the landfill fees.

So, what happens when goods are recycled? Some commercial recycle run a take-back scheme for the appliances with the cost already included in the purchase price. Service personnel may remove dryers are part of new set up. These old items can be refurbished for re-use. To recycle these items the right way, chemicals, gases, and heavy metal structures need to be separated before crushing the items.

6) Online sale

Another option to get rid of your washing machine and dryer is to offer them for sale online. But keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed removal option and the fact that your appliance may sit around for months before you find a buyer. It may only be ideal if you are disposing of one or two items.

7) Rubbish removal service

One of the hassle-free ways to get rid of your stuff, especially delicate items like a washing machine and dryer is to engage a qualified rubbish removal service in Sydney to take care of the technicalities. You need a team that has experience dealing with dryers, washing machines, and other bulky appliances. Most removal services will help you dispose of your appliances irrespective of the brand or models.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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