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Facts & Stats of Food Waste in Sydney

As many parts of the world are experiencing food shortages, Sydney is dumping a lot of food in landfills.

There is a crisis in Sydney that needs to be addressed. In order to fix this, you need to dig deeper into the food waste issue and unravel the truth. This will help you identify the problems and know how to solve them. Now let us start by looking at the shocking truths about food waste in Sydney.

Food waste: stats & facts

  • Out of every five bags of food bought, at least one goes to waste

In Sydney, out of every five bags of food that someone buys, at least one of these bags goes to waste. Well, this is how it happens. Every household in Australia, Sydney included, wastes food worth about $1036.  You will get about 4 tons of wasted food if you translate this into tones.

If you divide this per the number of households, you will get that each home wastes about 500kg of food. This means that 20% of the food a home buys is thrown away. That is how we get to one out of every five bags of food bought being wasted in Sydney.

  • Knowledge of food Matter is the Major Cause of Food Waste

There are many reasons why food is being wasted in Sydney and Australia at large. One of the reasons is that people lack knowledge of food issues. One example is that many people in Sydney do not know how to measure accurate portions of food to cook. When one does not know such a thing, he/she ends up cooking more than what he/she can consume. What is left ends up being thrown away.

Another good example is that many people in Sydney do not know how to preserve food. Having leftover food is not a problem. The issue comes when they are improperly preserved and end up going bad. Of course, when food rots, it is thrown out.

  • Young people and Affluent Families Waste the Most Amount of Food

According to research, young people waste a lot of food. This is because they are known not to like cooking and usually opt to buy. When they do buy food, they buy in large quantities. Most of which they do not eat and end up going to waste.

Families with annual earnings of over $100,000 are also known to waste food. This is because they are believed to care less about the cost of food, and wasting it does not affect them that much.


Considering what researchers have brought, Sydney is in a crisis. This then brings up the question what is/can be done. Well, here are some remedies for food wastage in Sydney.

  • Educating People

Educating people on food matters can go a long way in curbing this problem. That is why the government is investing heavily in public education campaigns.

  • Buy and Cook Only What You Need

People only need to buy the food they need at that specific time. If they buy excess food, they should not cook it all. They should set it aside, preferably preserve it and cook it another day.

  • Donate Food

If at all, one realises that he/she has more cooked food than he/she can consume, he/she can donate it to the less fortunate. You can carry the food in disposable containers and give it to people on the streets. You would have fed people and prevented food wastage at the same time.


Something urgently needs to be done to curb the food wastage crisis in Sydney. This is not a one-man thing; it involves all of us, meaning we should all rise and take effective action.

All in all, there are instances where things are out of your control, and the food still goes to waste. If this happens, you need to get rid of it through professionals like Paul’s Rubbish Removal. Our team is trustworthy and reliable, and they will take care of everything for you. Reach us on our phone number 0407 125 125.

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