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The Truth About Food Waste in Australia

There is enough evidence pointing out the truth about food waste in Australia. Almost each state Government has conducted studies with the same conclusion: we waste lots of food. As a result, we throw not only food but also money.

The statistics shock people when it comes to the topic of food wastage in Australia and all over the world. It is a subject that makes people passionate and upset. For some people, the fact that we waste lots of money upsets them. Others it’s about the point that food is a really valuable resource worldwide. Yet most people take it for granted.

But for our company, it is the combination of the two scenarios. We don’t like the fact that people waste food. We see it as a high sense of ignorance of the fact that we are so lucky to have food on our plates three times a day. Also, we know how much food wastage costs our economy.

Now, let’s sober up and dig deep into the facts.

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Statistics on food wastage in Australia

The statistics about the wastage of food in Australia change each year. However, the points we will discuss here – on the same subject – remain unchanged.

Just spare some time to go through the stats and have a clear understanding. Then apply them to your household because you might save money and decrease food wastage.

The average food wastage in Australia

  • Each household in Australia wastes food worth $1,036 each year
  • Roughly $8 billion dollars for the entire country
  • Exactly 4 tonnes of food wastage in Australia
  • 500 kg for each household

This translates to 20 percent of the entire food each household purchases. In simple terms, the figure means that we throw one for every 5 bags of groceries we buy. This is exactly what happens in Australia.

Why do we waste food that much? Is it that we don’t need it?

Some of the top reasons why we waste food are because:

  • We buy more than we need
  • We have no idea of the portions we need to cook: hence we end up cooking in large quantities
  • We have no idea of how to preserve food
  • We have no clue how to make use of leftovers

What type of food do we waste in Australia?

  • Leftovers (27%)
  • Fresh produce (33%)
  • Takeaway food (7%)
  • Frozen food items (9%)
  • Drinks (9%)
  • Packed products (15%)

As the figures state, we waste a lot of fresh produce simply because we don’t spare time to plan the amount of food we cook. Also, we fail to plan for the exact stuff we want to buy. We also cook food without knowing the quantity of cooked food already in the fridge.

Perhaps, you are asking; who is responsible for food wastage?

People who waste food are:

Young people (around 18-24 years) are the ones that buy food in large quantities and eventually end up not using it. They don’t like cooking, instead, they opt to buy.

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Another group that wastes food is households with annual incomes of $100K. Statistics show that as households increase their earnings, they care less about the waste and cost of food.

Also, families with small kids waste food in Australia. This is because parents hardly have strict schedules and poor time management. With all this food wastage, who removes it?

It’s not a surprise that most food waste ends up at the dump, with some of it being recycled.

We encourage all Australian families to be mindful of their weekly food waste. Buy and serve portions that you think will suffice for your family. Through collective effort, we can reduce food waste and create a healthier lifestyle of living.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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