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Glass Recycling Process in Australia and the Benefits

The environment is the sum of external conditions that affect the existence of living organisms such as animals, plants, and human beings. Any changes in the environment can affect the survival and behaviour of all organisms that exist in the environment.

The environment equilibrium undergoes adverse changes caused by pollution, population explosion and natural resource degradation. Recycling is one of the best ways to solve this problem. Recycling refers to the reprocessing of waste products and scrap waste to form new usable products. Paper, metal, batteries, and glass are some of the materials that can be recycled.

Glass recycling contributes to the environmental conservation as it reduces waste materials. therefore used glass containers should be either reused or recycled.

Glass Recycling Process

So, how is glass recycled in Australia? After we collect glass remains, we deliver them to recycling centres. These containers are cleaned thoroughly to remove various types of impurities. they are then sorted according to their colours. Bottles are available in different colours – clear, green, and amber. It is necessary to recycle the same colours together because it indicates that each colour has different chemical compositions.

The next process involves crushing the materials down into smaller pieces for an easier melting process. After this, the material is given new shapes in the form of glass bottles, containers and jars. It is then distributed to various bottling factories and beverage industries. Jars and containers are also used to package jam and other food items.

recycled glass bottles

Benefits of Recycling Glass

Eco-Friendly – Recycling is considered to be eco-friendly as it reduces environmental pollution to a large extent. When glass bottles are discarded in landfills, it takes many years before they are completely decomposed. This is significant because it only takes 30 days for a new glass container or jar to be manufactured and sold.

Efficient – Compared to reused glass bottles, recycled glass containers are stronger and durable. Although these jars and containers are made of biodegradable material, it is still known to deteriorate with usage and time.

Organic Resources Conservation – Recycling decreases the number of raw materials utilised for producing new glass. Fresh jars and containers need a large amount of soda ash, granite, and sand. By recycling bottles, some of these organic resources can be saved.

Energy Efficient – In the process of manufacturing new containers, a substantial amount of energy is utilised. Sand and other materials need to be heated to a temperature of 1,400 degrees Celsius. This increases the amount of air pollution and usage of energy. Recycling, on the other hand, acquires comparatively less energy.

Sustainable – Most glass products and containers are recyclable. It can be recycled more than 100 times without the loss of physical attributes or purity.

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