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How To Best Clean A Living Room

Cleaning your house can be a big task. Even if it is only a small house, the task of cleaning can (at times) seem gargantuan. But that’s why it’s essential to break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks like doing one room at a time. Your living room will doubtlessly be among them and as a large space, which can seem even more daunting a prospect.

And while you may perform simple living room maintenance, deep cleaning your living room can be difficult. This isn’t something you need to do every day, but it can be vital if you’re selling your home and offering house tours or if you have family coming home for the holidays. It’s a good idea to clean your living room properly.

To accomplish this, it’s always better to have a cleaning checklist that you can go through to avoid becoming overwhelmed by what’s in front of you and accomplish one thing on the checklist at a time.

Here are some of our best cleaning tips for living room cleaning.

1. Open the windows

One of the first things you should do to help your living room become a cleaner space is to open all of your living room windows. This will air out the space as you clean, giving you fresher air to work in and helping to clear any irritants in the air. Leaving it open as you clean will also help dispel any aromas from the all-purpose cleaners you’ll be using. 

2. Declutter the space

One of the first steps to having a clean-living room is giving yourself the space you need to work. This means decluttering all the surfaces you want to wipe off and tidying the space up a bit. You don’t have to do a full spring clean. 

Grab yourself a garbage bag and throw out any old trash, or if you burn wood, then throw the old newspapers and other assorted burnables into your paper tray. Decluttering the space will give you a blank canvas to work with and clean.

3. Gather your cleaning supplies

There are only a few cleaning products that you’ll need to clean your living room. You’ll want to ensure you have them all in order before you start cleaning. That way, you can be efficient and not run back and forth to gather supplies. 

These supplies include a damp cloth to wipe surfaces down with. Dish soap and warm water. Furniture polish is another item you’ll need if you’re going to polish up old wooden furniture. Ensure you include a few microfiber cloths to help you clean up wiped-down items. 

Also, have a spray bottle containing an all-purpose cleaner to clean surfaces and gather up your vacuum and/or carpet cleaner.

4. Start by wiping down all surfaces

Your first step in cleaning your lounge area should be to wipe down all hard surfaces. This includes side tables, coffee tables, fireplace mantles, and hearths. Next, use your spray bottle to spray your all-purpose cleaner, and then wipe any dirt and dust off these surfaces using your damp cloth. 

Start at the top of any surfaces in your home, including higher lights. You should also use a dusting brush to reach any high-up cobwebs in the corners of your living room or if you want to clean the ceiling fan.  

5. Wipe down your glass

If you have glassware, like vases, it’s also a good time to wipe them down. Use a glass cleaner to clean your glassware. Make sure you use a soft cloth to avoid damaging your prized glassware. When wiping down the glass, you should always wipe it from top to bottom.

6. Vacuum your carpet

Before you use a steam cleaner or shampoo machine on your carpets, your next step is to vacuum them to get up the majority of dirt and grime. You should set your brushes as low as possible, then go to work. 

Make sure you go over your carpets and rugs as often as possible. If you have stains, try to use a natural cleaning solution. Not only will this clean thoroughly, but it will also assist with green living and care for the environment.

7. Deep-clean your carpets

One of the most important parts of any lounge cleaning day is ensuring that your carpets and throw rugs are deep cleaned. This either means using a steam cleaner or a shampoo machine to do this. 

If you have pets, this is an essential part of your cleaning schedule and is also good for pest control. Go over the carpets slowly to get as much dirt and grime up as you can from the carpet fibres. 

8. Clean your upholstery

Using your upholstery attachment on your vacuum, you can also use a shampoo machine on your fabric upholstery to improve its aesthetic appearance and increase your furniture’s lifespan. This will allow you to get the dirt and dust trapped inside the fibres of your upholstery, such as your seat cushions or fabric couch. 

If it’s a nice day, it’s a good idea to open your windows to allow the air to flow through your living room. You can also use the nice weather to dry your seat cushions and hang your throw rug over the washing line. 

9. Reset or move trinkets around

Any trinkets you’ve moved due to your cleaning (and wiped down), like a stack of books, can be replaced in the spot they were. Or take the opportunity to rethink your living room’s layout. 

There’s no better time to move furniture or lay your living room trinkets differently. Could that couch be somewhere different? What about the rocking chair, does that need to be there? Take the opportunity to fluff the couch cushions after they dry from the upholstery cleaner.

Summing up 

Cleaning your living room is a great way to prepare your home for guest arrivals and a great place to start when it comes to cleaning your home. It’s not as difficult a task as it may seem, and this checklist should help it seem less overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask others in the household to do their fair share.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and take some breaks between cleaning steps to eat, drink and rejuvenate. Maybe make it an afternoon task on a nice fall day to utilise the good weather to your advantage.

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