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How to Teach Your Kids to Eco-friendly Ways of Waste Disposal

Proper waste disposal habits should start at a young age. You can start teaching your kids to have a whole new purpose and drive to save the environment and to instil responsibility even when they’re still attending their playschool or kinder years. Good waste management habits don’t need to be very complicated to learn. As such, there are some ways to make sure that your children get to practise these methods even before they turn older. These are:

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Always have garbage bins available

One of the most obvious ways to instil the value of waste disposal is to have garbage bins at home. Having these big containers for waste disposal means that your kids get to see that house waste goes straight to the bins. As young as they are, they’ll understand that trash equals garbage bins. Teach them this: When they have trash with them, it should go straight to the container. It instigates cleanliness. Your kids are responsible for their trash.

Practise segregation at home

Another, albeit more level up way to practise eco-friendly waste disposal, is to have segregation habits. This is a step up to having garbage bins at home. Make sure to have colour-coded garbage containers. Label your garbage bins with notes about which kinds of waste go to which colour-coded container. Moreover, segregation also shows them that not all items go straight to the landfill dump. To create order, segregate your rubbish wisely.

Purchase reusable products

Reusable items go a long way. They also lessen costs. Purchase houseware and items that are reusable. This can include cups, cutlery, containers and others. Always have eco-bags and containers. The more you reuse an item in front of your kids, the more you unconsciously teach them the importance of recyclability of many things at home. Not everything needs to be thrown away. Especially not items that are still not worn out and sturdy.  

Make recyclable art items from recyclable items

You can spend more time with your children by bringing art and creativity too. You can do artwork and projects with your children involving materials that are already used. You can have recycled paper, cups, colour materials and other art materials. Who says that these projects can only be done in school? You can have a headstart at home. Fashion toys out of these supposed waste about to be thrown. Teach them recycling and bond with them too

Put up a compost pit at home

A more advanced, yet informative way of applying eco-friendly waste disposal is composting. Set up a compost pit at home and make your kids see that food waste and organic waste are placed in the compost pit. You can also have the option to switch things up a bit by having a vermicompost pit. This way, they will see the work and life of earthworms while you throw the food waste. Teach them that many kinds of trash go to the bins but some go to the pit.

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Good disposal habits can start at a really young age. Your kids need not be in school for them to be exposed to trash habits. Make this an initial and first lesson for them in the field of waste disposal. There are plenty of ways and methods to practise eco-friendly waste disposal even at home. It doesn’t need to be confusing and hard and expensive for you and your children. Start them young!

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