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Best Tips to Keeping Your House Free of Junk

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Are you worried that your house is full of unwanted stuff until it now resembles a garbage can? Worry not.

Here are the best tips for keeping your house free of junk.

1. Identify the important stuff

The first step towards getting a clean and organised home is identifying important possessions and separating them from the irrelevant stuff.

How do you do this? Okay, first ask yourself, what would I save if I was relocating overseas next week? This might be tricky; I know your mind will come up with a long list of possessions that you would love to take.

Now, take that list after you are done figuring out what to take and what you could leave behind. Remove all the stuff that did not make it to the list.

These include; numerous shopping bags, dolls for your kids, water bottles and other stuff of this kind. Proceed and dispose of them if you don’t think they’ll ever be touched again.

You will later realise that they were not so important inside your house.

2. Allow space for everything

This may seem to be too common or too general advice. But believe me; this is what you need to save your house from that mess – clutter.

Avoid placing possessions such as handbags, water bottles, etc. in such places as on the floor, on the table or even on the couches. Instead, ensure that you have filing cabinets, shoe boxes, and shelves for keeping that important small stuff that would otherwise mess up your house by being scattered everywhere.

Freeing up space may also help keep things in order and will prevent bad odours from arising.

3. Store things where they are used

Act smart in storing your stuff. Ensure you have space for everything right where you use it.

For example, ensure you store all your utensils in the kitchen, manicure and beauty products in the bathroom, etc. this helps you to keep other areas organised and clutter-free.

4. Avoid moving with the trends too much

Do you look at the advertisements and admire virtually everything they advertise? Yes, that’s their purpose. But note, possessing a lot of trendy stuff does not necessarily mean that they guarantee you a happy life.

They may seem nice for your house today, but what about one year or so later? What I mean is, avoid spending a lot of money on the latest households especially if you don’t need them.

Studies show that people treasure experiences more than things. This way, instead of spending too much on buying items you may not require, spend that money on vacations. This will keep you happy and in the long run, will leave you with no junk to clean.

5. Go paper-free

Scanning all your necessary documents may initially sound weird. But mark my words, SCAN ALL YOUR FREQUENTLY USED DOCUMENTS.

Papers scattered in your room make it look disorganised. While scanning, you can easily access your documents on your phone or computer without having to disorganise items while looking up for them.

6. Give Away Valuable Clutter

There is this class of clutter that you don’t need or don’t use but is in good condition. Dumping such clutter may be difficult at times. If you have such, give it to a friend who needs it or maybe even consider putting it on Gumtree or eBay.

7. Develop a habit of putting them back things to their suitable places after use

Among the tips, this is probably the hardest thing to do to keep your house free of junk. But it is very important if you would want to live junk-free life.

Put back that bottle opener into the drawer immediately after you’re done opening the bottle, don’t drop that cloth you didn’t wear anywhere, instead, put it back in the wardrobe. This helps your house look organised every time.

8. Ensure your house has a junk drawer

A junk drawer houses those important small items in the house that would give you a headache if you try keeping them in their specific areas. Such items are; pens, twist ties, tapes, stapler, etc.

9. Often purge massively

Even if you purge thoroughly until you leave only the important stuff in your house, stuff crawls back to your home. To curb this, purge after short periods to keep off from clutter.

These are among the top tips you can use to keep your house junk free. However, people are busy. You may wish to do all this, but you never have time for it. That is not the end. If you are located in Sydney, Paul’s Rubbish is there to help you.

At Paul’s Rubbish, we offer rubbish removal services on sites such as;

Deceased estates

Construction/demolition sites

Office/commercial buildings

Residential homes

Townhouses and duplexes

The benefits of having Paul’s Rubbish do your rubbish removal job are:

• They help in removing all sorts of rubbish

• Offers builders rubbish removal that comprises demolition and rubbish removal

• Offers better prices for regular customers

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Sarah Ann

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