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Old Carpet Removal & Repurposing Ideas

If you know about deep cleaning, you can keep your carpets in shape for years. Stains and grime can be removed and in many cases, the carpet will end up looking new. However, carpets do get old, worn out and out of fashion with old designs that looks dated. In that case, replacing it with a new carpet is the only option. But what do you do with your old carpet?

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How to get rid of old carpet

It’s not a widely known fact, but carpets can be recycled. There are some ways to dispose of your old carpet:

  • Contact your local council
  • Contact your nearest recycling centre
  • Contact local animal shelters that might be able to make use of it
  • Contact a rubbish removal service
  • Post it on the internet

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How to revive your old carpet

If all this sounds like too much effort you could always try to revive your old carpet instead. You would be surprised how much dirt and grime a wet extraction carpet cleaner can get rid of. There are plenty of products available to remove stains. These cleaners are even available to rent so you don’t need to fork out a lot of money.

Of course, it’s better for the environment (and your wallet) if a new carpet is avoided if possible. If you do end up with the need for an old carpet disposal, be sure to make good use of it or recycle it to avoid damage to the environment.

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Reusing old carpet

If you’re changing your carpet, don’t just throw it away. Thousands of tonnes of carpeting ends up in landfill every year when it could be reused. Here are 5 innovative ways you can reuse your old carpet.

1) Noise Absorption

If you keep your washing machine or dryer in a utility room or kitchen with a hard floor, you might find it vibrating so much that it moves around or making a lot of noise. Putting a square piece of carpet underneath can make a tremendous difference.

2) Insulation

Carpet makes great insulation. Although it may not look particularly attractive hanging on the walls, it’s really useful for warming up sheds, cubby houses and dog kennels.

3) Layer of Protection

Use it as an extra layer to protect something else. Small pieces of carpet can be great as doormats or used for sliding heavy furniture on.

4) Car Flooring

Keeping small pieces of carpet in the car be really handy in emergencies. It can be used to increase traction under the tyres if you get stuck in snow or mud. It can also be used as car floor mats to save your car from muddy boots. You can even trim a piece to the size of your windscreen to save scraping the ice off in the winter or to keep it cool during the summer.

5) Gardening

In the garden, old carpets make great kneeling mats and anti-weed barriers. They are can also be used for covering the compost bin to retain moisture in the compost and help conceal any food smell.

Seats made of straw hay and pallet wood covered with violet carpet

If you have tried the above methods of disposing of old carpets and failed, don’t worry. Paul’s Rubbish Removal will collect any type of old carpet for removal. We will load it onto our truck for proper disposal at a recycling centre. You don’t have to wait days or months to get rid of your old carpet, we can get rid of it for you today. Get a FREE quote with us at Paul’s Rubbish Removal on 0407 125 125.

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