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Residential Rubbish Statistics During the Pandemic

Lockdowns evoke the resurgence of single-use items which puts the country’s target to meet its national packaging recycling by 2025 in trouble. As people are mandated to stay and work in their homes, the curbside rubbish has increased significantly during the lockdown period. COVID-19 has already 

As Australians spend most of their time at home, some ventured in other activities to pass the time such as redecorating, replacing their old furniture, decluttering, etc. These emerging activities caused an abrupt chain of events. The unanticipated actions overwhelm the waste industry in coping up with the curbside rubbish, which puts extra pressure on the regular waste management practices.

And as we all know, one of the lockdown guidelines is restricting the number of staff or personnel working on site. With this lockdown protocol, it limits the waste industry to work efficiently and respond to the increasing demand for rubbish removal. 

Single-Use Plastic

Months after the commencement of COVID-19 lockdown, the resurgence of single-use plastic has emerged and persists into threatening the environment. From retail, groceries to take-out meal packaging, these items contributed to the surge of plastic waste. Additionally, as people have become more aware of their safety, the frequent use of facial masks, sanitisers, and other disinfectants exacerbate the scourge of plastic pollution.

Food Wastes

Food waste is a current issue which exacerbates during the lockdown period. Before the lockdown commenced, people began to panic-buy at the grocery, which later on turns to online deliveries. Most of the household waste contains metal, glass and cardboard products. And as we all know, most of these materials take time to decompose once it lands to our sanitary landfills.

Unnecessary Household Waste Disposal

Home clear-outs, spending more time on DIY repairs and replacements, people have significantly overwhelmed the curbside rubbish. The recyclable items or materials would have been donated to charity shops or transported to the local tip. However, the unprecedented crisis put us all in a predicament situation, and these activities are the only thing that keeps us preoccupied.

In A Nutshell

People are caught between keeping themselves safe from acquiring the disease and distracting themselves with household decluttering. We can’t blame people from these emerging activities. However, let’s not forget that one of our responsibilities is to keep our only planet safe for our succeeding generations. While we enjoy our newfound skills and hobbies at home, do not disregard our fight against the increasing amount of waste.

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