The surging amount of medical waste aligns with the increasing demand and usage for medical items in the health care sector.  Items such as disposable masks and personal protection equipment (PPE) are among the top of the list of items used by the frontliners managing the thousands of patients afflicted by this deadly disease. 

These items are essential in protecting the people who are directly involved in treating COVID-infected patients. In addition, the use of a medical mask has been a vital component of a healthy individual to minimise contracting the virus.

However, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, another wave of problems arises. The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to create large amounts of new waste not only in the health care sector. But it is also generated from households or other facilities decontaminating their surfaces and workplaces. The single-use of disposable disinfecting wipes, mop heads, rags, soiled paper towels and even empty disinfectant containers are one of the major contributors in generating tons of medical waste.

Coronavirus created a widespread terror globally and this has as well contributed to the public’s impulse purchases of medical supplies and other disinfectant materials. 

How to dispose of medical waste?

Waste generated from decontamination and disinfection of work surfaces and facilities is not considered as medical waste. However, regulated protocols in proper waste disposal and segregation should be practised and implemented accordingly.

On the other hand, medical waste generated during the clinical care of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case should be treated in accordance with our established regulation known as clinical waste. Generators of medical waste are responsible for containing the soiled materials for transport to the treatment facilities. Medical waste should be handled only by licensed waste transporters.

Healthcare facilities are responsible for segregating and proper labelling of medical waste materials to avoid transmission of infectious diseases as well as keeping the safety of waste transporters. 

How to handle COVID-infected waste?

Healthcare facilities should follow the regulated standard protocols in handling infectious waste materials as stipulated in EPA 1994 meeting environmental obligations and duties, “To prevent environmental harm, nuisances and contamination.”

In addition, health workers should be provided with proper training in handling and proper disposal of infectious materials to minimise any unnecessary medical waste generation as well as preventing exposure to coronavirus. 

Licensed medical waste transporter

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The impact of COVID-19 has greatly changed the way we live on a daily basis. And we are all quite fixated on how dangerous a coronavirus soiled materials are compared to the usual medical waste we encounter. During these unprecedented times, there’s a greater inclination to over-decontaminate and disinfect our surroundings. This is a major contributing factor in generating unnecessary waste materials. 

Moreover, we should all be aware that with proper hand hygiene and standard cleaning practices along with proper social distancing, we are keeping ourselves from contracting the infectious disease.

While we are waiting for this pandemic crisis to end, do not forget to keep your house, your workplace and all your surroundings clean and tidy. Always keep in your mind to classify your household waste and follow the basic precautionary measures.

Paul’s Rubbish Removal is a licensed medical waste removalist provider who can carry out all your rubbish problems. We are not only committed to our work as professional and responsible rubbish removalists, but we are also dedicated to keeping our community and the environment clean, safe and healthy. 

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