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Rubbish Collection Delays in Sydney: Understaffed Council Workers

Reports of widespread delays in the collection of rubbish bins have been reported in various Sydney councils in the past couple of months. The recent wave of the outbreak of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus affecting staff shortages is pointed out to be the cause of the rubbish collection stoppages. 

What started as a rubbish collection delay for a couple of days have now been reported to reach up to a week in certain areas. Such events have led to the rise of stinky areas and uncollected rubbish across all suburbs in Sydney—and the residents are in an uproar. 

According to council authorities, the government’s transport, manufacturing, postal, warehousing, and waste collection agencies are now almost crippled due to thousands of workers afflicted with the Omicron virus. The workers are in isolation and the numbers keep going up. The workers that are not infected or have recovered are currently working overtime just to cope up with the seemingly insurmountable tasks.

Mentioned as the most affected areas by this waste disposal and collection crisis are the City of Canterbury, Bankstown, Camden, Ryde, and Canada Bay. The City of Parramatta Council has reported delays in the collection of green and yellow bins as they prioritise the red bins.

How Sydneysiders Can Help With Uncollected Rubbish Problem in 2022

Sydney residents are implored to help with the ongoing crisis of uncollected rubbish bins in the state. Even though the accumulation of rubbish on a daily basis is unavoidable, communities in Sydney can still help alleviate the problem. 

You should have the sense of responsibility to help the undermanned councils by doing acts that can help solve the rubbish collection crisi.

Here are some tips that you should practise:

  • Avoid consuming products that tend to quickly produce a lot of rubbish like plastic wrappers, disposable cups and utensils, and those with large containers.
  • Take note of the schedule of rubbish collection in your area. If it gets delayed for more than a couple of days, call the government agency responsible to know the status and cause of delay. You will base your next actions on this.
  • For bulk waste services, your best option is to hire private rubbish collection companies to mitigate the burden of the councils’ waste collection team. They have the capabilities to handle large scale rubbish removal. Such companies also can help you dispose of the contents of all types of bins and responsibly bring them to designated drop-off areas at the soonest possible time.

A Silver lining Beyond Sydney’s Rubbish Collection Crisis

The councils’ waste collection agencies are now thinned out of their manpower due to the effects of the global pandemic. However, private rubbish removal companies like Paul’s Rubbish Removal are available to assist in solving the current rubbish collection.

One great advantage of hiring Paul’s Rubbish Removal is their staff’s ability to take and dispose of all types of rubbish amidst the global pandemic. Since the start of the pandemic, the company has modified their processes and procedures in a way that the public as well as its rubbish removalists are kept safe from spreading the COVID-19 virus.

The services of Paul’s Rubbish Removal are available to all Sydney suburbs and nearby areas.

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