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Do you have questions about The City of Ryde Council kerbside rubbish collection? Here is everything that you need to know!

The City of Ryde Council has dedicated 5 free rubbish collections for residents annually. These rubbish collection dates must be booked and arranged with the City of Ryde Council over the phone or online to provide more details.

Due to the high demand during peak seasons, bookings must be made at least ten days before the collection date so that you can receive stickers to label your waste.

Unlabelled household waste on the nature strip can be considered illegal dumping, leading to penalties and hefty fines. When leaving your junk out on the side of the road for the City of Ryde Council to pick up, you should only do so on the day before the collection date. No earlier and no later.

How to prepare for City of Ryde Council kerbside collection

Here are some simple tips you should follow when preparing for City of Ryde Council to collect your kerbside rubbish.

1) Check that City of Ryde Council accepts your item
2) Your pile should not be bigger than 1.5 cubic metre in volume
3) Book at least 10 days in advance
4) Only place the rubbish out the day before collection
5) Place the cleanup sticker on your rubbish so that it is not mistaken for illegal dumping
6) The pile is tidy, organised and not obstructing any path
7) Can be lifted by two people

Household items accepted by City of Ryde Council

One of the biggest mistakes residents make is throwing away any household waste, even if the City of Ryde Council does not accept it. Here are some items that you are allowed to place for collection:

  • Old furniture and appliances
  • Mattress and bed frame
  • Garden waste and equipment
  • White goods and metal
  • Timber fence
  • Carpet
  • Empty containers
  • Hot water systems

Household items not accepted by City of Ryde Council

An important aspect of the City of Ryde Council kerbside pick up is that your items do not fall under one of the following categories. If they do, you will not be able to use the council rubbish pickup services for it.

  • Electronic waste – television, computer, printer
  • Hazardous waste – gas bottles, paint, chemicals, batteries
  • Mirrors and glass
  • Tree trunks and branches over 8 cm in diameter
  • Car parts – tyres, engine
  • Building or industrial waste – plasterboard, bricks, dirt, demolition waste, stone

Which suburbs does the City of Ryde Council cover?

The City of Ryde Council was home to over 116,300 residents in 2016 and covers an area of 40.6 kilometres squared. They include:

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