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Storage Unit Organisation: Tips To Help You Get the Most Of Your Storage Space

Storage unit organisation

A storage unit allows you to store various items and make more room in your office or home. However, this doesn’t mean that you can shove as many boxes as you want inside.

An efficient organisation can go a long way in helping you maximise the space in your storage unit. Before you put things inside, take a moment to create a plan on how to get the most out of your storage space.

Here are some tips for an effective storage unit organisation.

1. Map Your Storage Unit

Before you begin your storage organisation process, you must check the storage space and create a plan. Map your unit and indicate where certain groups of items will go. 

Making a plan or map helps you determine if you’ve chosen the right storage unit size to store all your unnecessary items. It allows you to foresee the chances of having space issues once you place your belongings inside the unit. 

2. Add Some Shelves 

Choosing a storage unit with shelving is another great organisation tip. You have the option to rent a unit that already has shelves or add some shelves to your self-storage locker.

Either way, you will need shelves to fit more items inside your storage unit and still have ease of access. Besides, organising things on the shelves helps you to spot your belongings inside the storage unit easily.  

3. Make a list of the Items You Need to Store

If you’re placing numerous items in your storage unit, you may find it hard to keep them on track. While it’s easy to remember large things, you might often forget small items after a few months in storage. 

To keep everything on record, create a list of all the items you’ve placed in your storage unit. You can take photos before you organise them in your storage unit. Save the list and photos in one place to track them easily whenever needed. 

4. Label Your Boxes 

One essential thing you need to do for storage unit organisation is label each container. Make sure to put descriptions on top and one side of every box. 

You may also include the box number and everything that is inside. It’s better to be more specific about labelling the containers. Doing so will help you find items quicker without having to check every box.

5. Place Items You May Need at the Front 

There are certain items you may need to get access to more frequently than the others. Identify those things and put them in the front. 

That way, you can easily grab them from your storage unit whenever needed. You may use a different colour or special note so that you can recognise them right away. 

6. Create a Centre Aisle 

A full-packed storage unit can be difficult to navigate. You may have trouble getting to the back and searching for items with limited space left. 

It’s much easier to move around your storage unit and organise items when you make a centre aisle. Save yourself from the troubles and create a space to stand and walk inside your storage. 

7. Dismantle Your Furniture

Disassembling bulky pieces of furniture takes some effort. But it can greatly help you when it comes to saving storage space.

Your beds and dining sets can take up significant space in your storage and leave a small portion for your other items. To maximise the space, dismantle such bulky things before placing them inside your storage unit.

Pack your furniture in flat boxes and keep all hardware together. Doing so will help you achieve optimum space utilisation.  

8. Remove Unwanted Items

If you have a full-packed storage unit and want to place other items, you must declutter the space first.

Let go of the items you have stored for many years and haven’t touched again to make room for another set of belongings. Sort everything carefully and remove your unwanted things for a new start.

9. Get Professional Assistance

Storage unit organisation takes some time and effort. You have to know where to start and keep a record of each item you’ve stored.

Besides, you may find it difficult to lift and disassemble bulky items such as pieces of furniture. The sorting process can also be daunting if you do it alone.

So, calling on the experts for assistance is your best way to go. If you want to remove unnecessary items from your storage unit, we at Paul’s Rubbish Removal can help. You can book storage unit rubbish removal with us anytime. Contact us for more details about our service.

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