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Why Hoarding is Bad for Your Health

Quite frankly, every home has clutter in some place. It can be a messy closet, a junk drawer or even an attic full of things you don’t even remember. Hoarding affects everyone and if you don’t pay attention to it, you can find yourself, home and life at risk. You could be a hoarder yourself and not even know it.

Risks Connected to Hoarding

1) Issues with air quality

Hoarded products do decay with time. In such a case, they emit ammonia, odours and dust. These emissions can lead to serious issues with air quality in the home of a hoarder. Breathing may be difficult, which can lead to respiratory problems. Cleaning up such an area is in itself dangerous – it requires respiratory protection.

2) Pest infestation

Rotting animal or food waste products attract flies, rats, cockroaches, and other pests. Serious hoarding is a haven for all the pests, which might carry infectious diseases.

3) Fungus and mildew

Besides products, a hoarder finds it difficult to throw away food – even when it’s spoilt. Rotten food harbours fungus and mildew growth. Hence the house will stink and pose severe health risks.

4) Plumbing issues

It is likely for plumbing issues to emanate from homes where serious hoarding happens. Items will certainly find their way to the drainage or toilet. Thus sewer backups, clogs and plumbing problems will ensure. As a result, unsanitary conditions will be prominent in serious hoarding.

5) Safety issues for your property

When the house is full of junk, walking around is difficult. Technicians will not be able to carry out the necessary maintenance on sprinkler systems and HVAC equipment. This creates a safety hazard. Burglars will find it easy to hide and break-in to your compound.

Rats will chew the electric wires and lead to electrical fires or failure. The extreme junk might block the doors and windows, which are escape routes in case of fire.

6) Cleaning hazards

The process of cleaning and removing hoarded items is also dangerous. It requires the right planning by professionals. This is because mould spores might be emitted into the air and inhaled.

More so, bugs might scatter because you’ll disturb their habitats and they might bite you or anyone nearby. Bug bites have harmful bacteria or venom, and they carry the danger of infection. Bed bugs from your mattress can have a significant impact on you.

The water or mould might make the structure weak and might collapse. Similarly, cleaners might be in danger in case the room does not have ample airflow.

Having said so, it is a wise idea to hire professionals to get rid of your hoarded rubbish. Dealing with the pile of waste by yourself could seem like a tall mountain to climb. Especially if you don’t have the resources at your disposal. At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, we are experienced in rubbish and waste removal from households, commercial spaces and offices.

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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