Bed bugs are small insects that have wings but cannot fly. Adults can grow to be as big as 7mm long, while babies are less than 2mm long. Their flat bodies allow them to crawl into very small spaces as you can imagine.

Sometimes these are confused with cockroaches because of their similar appearance. Unfortunately, their main source of food is blood from humans and animals. After they have eaten, they will appear more reddish, the way a mosquito does after it has taken your donation.

These annoying creatures are fond of sucking blood so keeping them under control should be the standard response to these unwelcome guests. Unfortunately, these bugs cannot be taken care of by any simple means as they are extremely small and fast in their tracks. This makes them difficult to identify and eliminate.

The true impacts of bed bugs from your existing mattress can be quite devastating. Not only does it have an impact on your family but also your pets at home.

So, what are the impacts of bed bugs from your existing old mattresses?

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1. Adverse Effects of Bed Bugs are Very Dangerous to Elderly and Weak Immune People, Leading to Other Diseases

The adverse effects of bed bugs are quite strong for the elderly. If there is someone with a weak immune system, any amount of blood loss can become quite dangerous for the individual.

2. Mattresses Infested by Bed Bug Need Regular Maintenance or Replacement

Another reason why the elderly tend to be an easy host of these bugs is that they usually have old furniture at home. The standard of upkeep and maintenance of such are often not up to the mark. There are always some broken bits and parts or even the small holes in the furniture that can easily serve as home to these little vampires.

3. A Full Bloom Infestation May be Difficult to Remedy

The fast reproduction of these bugs is a huge problem. Each bug can make more than 600 new bugs in a short time. It only takes one bug to lead a full bloom infestation around the home. The problem can be quite devastating for small pets too as they are equally defenceless.

4. They Lead to a Tired and Stressed Out Body

The reddish skin and swollen body can make anyone lose the spirits quite easily. Every night these insects will inject their saliva into your body which contains different harmful chemicals that cause the body to function horribly. If not taken seriously, your whole blood can be sucked by these creatures over a matter of a few months.

5. Damage to Other Pieces of Furniture in Your Home

They live in the cracks in your furniture, beds, mattresses, box springs and other common areas where you take long rests. They won’t hesitate to nest in fabrics as other sources of food can be trapped in them. These tiny bugs have even been found in vacant houses due to their ability to survive without food for months.

Drug addict room, grunge armchair and mattress

It would be advisable to treat the whole premises if signs of an infestation are found immediately. This is due to the difficulty in ensuring the bed bugs are limited to only a certain area and to ensure that a complete removal of these creatures. A successful way of doing so without incurring high costs is to remove old furniture and mattresses that have been through a tough life. Ripped, dirty, stained and exposed mattresses or furniture are the main culprits.

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