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5 Signs You Might be Turning into a Hoarder

Whenever the name hoarder is mentioned, what runs through many people’s mind is a picture of individuals who keep their closets packed so full. However, truth be told, most of us are hoarders in one way or another and it only takes time to realise.

In this article, we explore 5 common signs you that will tell you-you’re slowly turning into a hoarder.

1. Having more than three items in the fridge or shelves that are expired

Often, we find ourselves with lumpy milk or expired grocery in the fridge. Does the one-time situation make us hoarders? I believe no. However, when it becomes a habit, trust me, you’re turning into a hoarder. Personally, I always ensure that my fridge is almost empty before heading to a store for new items.

2. It kills you to throw away old items

Do you still find it hard to throw away old or used items? If your answer is yes, you’re slowly turning into a hoarder too. I know some of these things might hold a sentimental value to you hence hard to throw away. But the trouble begins when they pile up thus turning our houses into a mess. So, don’t be that lady who fills her closet with old clothes that she doesn’t even wear just because they remind her of something.

Be creative and organised with your selection. I always encourage people to keep the list minimum.

3. You feel embarrassed when friends come over

Probably, you have a stack of old books or a pile of clothes in every corner of your house. To you, this may appear ok, but whenever a friends visit, it might turn embarrassing because they can’t stand your dirty room. If your friends are always complaining about your full and stinking house, you should know that you are slowly turning into one.

4. Store broken appliances and electronic

Often, we find ourselves making promises that we will see time to fix broken equipment or electronic. Truth be told, if you can’t fix it at that exact moment, you will never. Therefore, if you find yourself keeping broken appliances for months, it’s a high time you considered yourself a hoarder already. Instead, you should practice disposing of worn out items to prevent pile up.

5. Having multiple/duplicate items

As stated earlier, junk pile up is caused by a number of factors. For example, a marriage can see the couple have duplicate items. However, does this make the two of them hoarders? Definitely no. Ask me and I will tell you that the answer depends on how the items are used. If the multiple items are always in full use, then that brings them no closer to being hoarders. However, if the items are unused, they should consider doing away with the extra by disposing or even donating. Why should you have seven hammers when all you need is one?


Hoarding is a condition that affects our daily lives in one way or another because it is triggered by many factors, most of which are unavoidable.

The five signs provided in this article will help you decide if you are a hoarder or you are slowly turning into one. The key to clear the mess or in other words live a clutter-free life is to do away with all the items that we no longer use. For those who find the clearing task overwhelming, you can always call us, Paul’s Rubbish Removal in Sydney to get the job done at a friendly cost.

Common types of items and junk we collect and dispose of include:

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