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How to Do the Zero-Waste Method to Your Old Furniture and Large Items

Some people consider that zero-waste method is merely for restricting the use of products that can create waste. However, this method can also be beneficial in disposing of unwanted furniture or large items without sending it to landfills. 

Furniture is bulky, heavy, and difficult to transport, which makes it hard to remove the large item on your own. Even if your council provides the disposal of furniture, it still has to be taken to your kerbside for collection.

Whether you are renovating, upgrading, or just doing a clean-out at home, there are several choices for disposing of your discarded household items and keeping them out of the landfill. A variety of natural resources are made from furniture and other large objects at home. The disposal of these products as rubbish is also a waste of energy, materials, time and effort.

Furthermore, recycling is one of the most effective ways to be environmentally responsible, but people are often confused about how to recycle old furniture and other large items. However, recycling is only the last resort in managing waste. Application of the zero-waste method is the best approach to use to help eradicate the unwanted large furniture and other items at home.  

Here are the best zero-waste ways that you may apply:

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Donate Away Old Furniture and Large Items

Simply giving furniture and other large items to a nearby friend or relative for pickup is the most efficient way of promoting the zero-waste method in furniture with the lowest environmental effects. Donate things to a charity shop near you if personal connections do not exist. 

For functional objects, some non-profit charitable organizations provide donor receipts. By marking discarded furniture with a “Free” sign and putting it separately from your normal garbage collection at the curbside, people would most likely scoop up everything within the week.

Zero-waste’s Upcycling Method

Upcycling furniture is beneficial in so many ways. The ideal way to apply a zero-waste approach to old furniture if you’re creative and artistic at Do-It-Yourself tasks. This will allow you to transform your unused furniture into beautiful, funky upcycled items. You can check out ideas and how-to guides here. 

Locate Resource Recovery Centres 

Resource recovery centres are council-run facilities where you can dispose of discarded goods and furniture, also known as transfer stations or ‘tips’. Some resource centres have ‘tip shops’ which accept household goods and furniture of good quality that they then sell at reasonable prices. To be aware of lists of furniture and other household items that are accepted, contact your local council.

Zero-waste’s Trade-in Approach

In the same manner, as you trade in a car to earn a discount on a new purchase, certain businesses in Sydney can also trade-in your old furniture for discounts. If you’ve admired and want to purchase the new furniture in the same shop where you bought your previous furniture, you may approach the dealer to see if they take offers like a trade-in. If you have old sofas, you can make a discount on the total price of the new sofa if the dealer agrees for trade-ins.

Sell In-condition Furniture 

Selling unwanted furniture as second hand, instead of just throwing away your old furniture, will be a good help to prevent a rubbish pile up in landfills. Nowadays, there are many convenient ways to advertise your goods for free, including Facebook groups, free advertisement pages, shop windows, etc. Because of legislation, you must ensure that your old furniture has an up-to-date fire protection mark; otherwise, the furniture can’t be for sale.

Rubbish Collections and Removals

When all other choices are not available, and your old furniture and items are broken or invalid for reusing and recycling, local council’s rubbish collection may discard it. However, with Paul’s Rubbish Removal team, no junks are not taken care of responsibly. Rubbish collection is one way you can have to boost a zero-waste lifestyle. This will help you boost the zero waste approach in your home, especially for disposing of unwanted furniture or large items


Zero-waste methods can be applied to discarded furniture and other large items to keep them out of the landfill. If the item is in good condition, try to sell it first, or you can also look for recycling centres that accept used items or repurpose it through DIYs. With the application of zero-waste, we can prevent many wastes from being piled up in landfills.

At Paul’s Rubbish Removal, you can trust our team to be with you in promoting zero-waste movement. We have our strategies on preventing much waste from being disposed of in landfills. With our highly efficient removers who will take care of your furniture and other large items, we will provide you with comprehensive and eco-friendly rubbish removal services across Sydney with same-day rubbish collection. To schedule a rubbish removal service, call us on 0407 125 125 or book online.


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