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10 Signs That You Need a New Refrigerator/Fridge

Refrigerators are an essential appliance in almost every home. The amazing thing is that they experience little trouble. The lifespan of a refrigerator depends on the rate of use, as well as, its manufacturer. Many individuals find it difficult to figure out when it’s the right time to get a new fridge.

Therefore, without further ado, keep an eye out for these 10 most obvious signs that you need to replace your refrigerator.

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1) Repair

Repairs are quite advantageous over replacements. First, they can save one some cash. However, you need to ask yourself, how often are you repairing? How much do the repairs cost? If the repairs are frequent, it means that your fridge is on its last legs and it’s time you allowed it to rest for good.

You should never look at how much the repairs save you. Instead, focus on how much they can cost you in the long run. If it is costing you the same as buying a new one then you should not hesitate to purchase a new fridge.

2) Size

In many homes, the first refrigerator is usually small. It’s what many individuals can afford when they purchase their first home. However, we both know how fast life moves. Before you realise it, you already have children and need to upsize to cater to them. At this point, your small fridge needs an upgrade. A bigger, meaner and better fridge. This is when you will need to replace your refrigerator.

3) Noise

Technically, refrigerators produce some noise when running. However, the noise is usually maintained. As many would say, it produces an acceptable noise. At times, the precious appliance may turn into the loudest noisemaker in the house. If the fridge starts to behave in such a manner, it’s a way of complaining that it’s done with the job and needs to take a rest. This is another crucial sign to get rid of your fridge and purchase a replacement.

4) Spoiled food

The main purpose of a fridge is to create a conducive environment, and hence keeping the food fresh. For example, leftover food can last for more than three days in the fridge depending on the food. If your leftover food spoils within a night or two, it’s a good indicator that you should get a new refrigerator, unless you don’t mind food poisoning.

5) Heat

Typically, whenever you place your hand on the back of the fridge, it’s normal to feel a warm temperature. Many people are always asking what amount of heat is considered normal. Just you know that a refrigerator has some coils which aid its functionality. These coils are insulated, and they prevent one from feeling the excess temperature. Therefore, if you feel an abnormal heat, it’s an obvious sign that the coils are worn out and that it’s time for a replacement.

6) Electricity consumption

The world’s economy is growing dramatically. The common individuals are left with no option but work extra hard while cutting down all the unnecessary bills. Refrigerators contribute significantly to electricity bills. However, their consumption should be considerable. Based on the manufacturer, some consume much energy than others. If your fridge is among the heavy consumers, it’s a sign that you need to replace it before it drives you bankrupt. Today, there are many energy efficient fridges on the market.

7) Old

When did you buy your current fridge? If the answer is between 10 to 20 years ago then you know what you need to do. Currently, there are a variety of new models on the market. The good thing is that most of the new designs come with a lot more technology. Your old fridge may still be functioning properly, but you’re missing a lot when it comes to improvements such as a water and ice dispenser.

8) Bang for buck

Currently, there are many manufacturers in the refrigerator industry. The competition within the industry tends to be stiff due to the numbers. Hence, many companies are offering good deals on fridges to stay afloat in the market. Fantastic deals are a sign that you should jump on the opportunity while it is limited. Your old fridge may still be functioning, but the deals on the table can be more tempting. These deals may end up saving you money in the long run.

9) Sweating

Refrigerators are programmed to balance between hot and cold. If it starts to sweat, it’s a sign that it is beginning to wear out and needs to be replaced. Although it isn’t a sign that you should immediately throw it out, it could be a sign that the rubber sealing around the door is in bad condition. Therefore, you should first check the sealing to see if that is the reason for fridge sweating.

10) Excessive ice build-up

As stated earlier, refrigerators are designed in a manner to balance between hot and cold. There will be times when the fridge may start experiencing ice build-up which is normal. Many people often ask how much ice is too much ice?

If the build-up of ice happens to be evidently excessive then it’s advisable to go ahead to replace the fridge. However, before making a move, you can try defrosting the refrigerator by unplugging it to allow the ice to melt. If the ice build-up continues after the process, it means that your old fridge has a problem and a new one is required to take its place.

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Refrigerators are a significant investment for every home. However, we often forget that replacing an old item requires the old one thrown away or turned into something useful. Disposing of an old fridge has its challenges, as many individuals struggle to undertake. That’s where we can help out!

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