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12 Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Downsizing to a smaller home can be an emotionally draining process. You have to set aside cherished things that sometimes hold sentimental value in favour of space maximisation. However, it doesn’t have to be a rough ride.

Here are our 12 tips will significantly help you make the right choices when downsizing to a smaller home.

1.  Planning

During downsizing, you might overlook the importance of planning. As a result, you may find yourself short of time when it is too late. You will end up piling most of your old things in boxes and causing a substantial unnecessary pile up in the new space. Start the process of decluttering as soon as possible to make more relaxed decisions.

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2.  Take measurements

When moving to a smaller home, it is crucial that you take a tour of the new place and carry a tape measure. This is only to make sure you have the right measurements to put in new storage spaces and avoid overcrowding your new cozy home.

3.  Take stock

Inventory is a lifesaver and an effective cost-cutting method when you are downsizing. Having a list of all the things you deem necessary or sentimental will prevent you from having to replace them, sometimes at greater costs.

4.  Assess needs

Note down the essentials for your new home. Having a smaller house means having only things that you frequently use as you don’t have enough space to hoard. Let’s face it, we have all been a hoarder one way or another at some point in our lives. Here are 5 Signs You Might be Turning into a Hoarder.

5.  Upcycle

After separating the essential stuff from the keepsakes, you can consider upcycling as a way to reuse some old merchandise in your smaller home. Things like old tyres and containers can be used for garden furniture and plant vases.

6.  Selling

You can make money from the stuff you don’t want to carry to your smaller home. Yard sales are highly useful when you want to make money from that extra baggage in your home.

7.  Maximise storage space

A smaller house will most likely not have plenty of storage options. If you notice that you are short on space, talk to a professional and add in extra spaces in non-essential areas. Consider alternatives such as beds with inbuilt drawers and overhead shelves.

8.  Develop an in-out system

To keep your smaller home as decluttered as possible, you can implement a system that encourages making space. For every item you receive, get rid of something you don’t use.

9.  Rubbish removal

Once you have isolated all the things you want or still need, you can consider calling a rubbish removal service like Paul’s Rubbish Removal to safely get rid of all the rubbish.

10.  Cut down impulse buying

Impulse buying causes you to accumulate things you will probably not use once they have outgrown the initial purpose. Only purchase items when you’re sure they’re necessary.

11.  Consider smaller items

You can use the money you make during your downsizing to buy space-appropriate versions of what you like. For instance, smaller electronics are a great way to save space during downsizing

12.  Keep it decluttered

Once you finalise downsizing to a more modest home, keep it cozy and intimate by always getting rid of rubbish that crowds your house.
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