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5 Tips To keeping Your Home Clean All Winter

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Every homeowner knows how difficult it is to keep their home clean, especially during the winter months. With all the dirt, rain and sludge that comes during winter months, it is extremely challenging to constantly keep your home looking at its best.

However, I don’t think you need us to tell you that keeping your house clean during winter months is very important. Not only does it make your house look clean and tidy but it also helps to enhance general health of all your family members.

Below are 5 of the top tips we’ve put together to ensure your family household gets a head-start on keeping clean and healthy this winter!

1. Don’t allow garbage to pile

If you have an extremely busy schedule, it is easy to forget to have your garbage collected on time. Most insects, ants and rodents usually hide in houses during the winter season. If you have uncollected garbage in your house, then you will easily attract insects and rodents in your house.

Garbage pile up can also endanger the health of all your family members because it acts as a safe haven for dangerous parasites that transmit deadly diseases.

2. Dust your house regularly

Homes usually get very dusty during winter months because the air is warm and dry. It is crucial to dust your home regularly to eliminate dust that has accumulated. Dust your house starting from the top to the bottom. Don’t forget to dust the ceiling, fan blades and the windows.

In addition to that, make sure that you dust the lighting fixture because dust usually accumulates on them during winter months. Dusting your home regularly will help ensure that there is a constant supply of fresh air. It will also enhance the general health of all family members by eliminating germs and allergens.

3. Clean the windows

Did you know that windows play a crucial part in determining the comfort that you will enjoy in your house? It is also one of the most visible parts of your house. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of that and that is why they don’t see the significance of cleaning their windows regularly.

Dirty windows can decrease your home’s heat efficiency forcing you to pay high energy bills. In addition to that, it also affects the quality of air in the house. Having them cleaned regularly during the winter season will help keep your home clean.

4. Deep clean the floor and carpet

During winter months, salt usually collects between the carpet fibre and the floor giving it unpleasant look. This problem can be solved by steam cleaning the carpet and scrubbing the floor thoroughly. Salt accumulation on the floor can cause serious damage including discolouration and scratches. The best way to prevent salt damage is by ensuring that the floor is regularly cleaned.

5. Use floor mats

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your house clean during winter months is by purchasing thick outside floor mats. Floors mats will help prevent moisture from being dragged to the rest of the house. However, if the floor mat is tracking in plenty of moisture, ensure that you hang them regularly to dry.

Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann

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