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5 Ways To Get Rid Of An Old Mattress

Mattresses are certainly among the most awkward consumer items to dispose of responsibly. This is the reason why they habitually end up being illegally left on curbsides or dumped in alleyways. Perhaps you are planning to replace your old mattress but not sure if it is the right time to do so. Check out this article on the ‘5 Signs You Should Remove and Dispose of Your Mattress‘.

So, you’re convinced that your mattress needs to be replaced. What should you do with an old mattress? The first thing you would probably think about is throwing it in front of your property. But did you know that there are consequences, not to mention that it attracts pests to your home?

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White mattress isolated on whiteLet’s take a look at your five options when you no longer want or need your mattress.

1) Selling

If you opt to get rid of a mattress that is slightly used, it is recommended that you consider selling it to anyone or business that is dealing with mattresses for a suitable price. Although you may have a hard time selling it, there have ways where people have sold their second-hand mattresses. After all, why would you really want to sleep on a used bed?

2) Donate

You can also choose to donate it. Mission Australia is a non-profit organisation that may accept your mattress as long as it does not have visible signs of wear or stain. You may also throw it up on the world wide web to see if anyone is willing to accept your used mattress.

3) Returning it to the manufacturer

If you intend to purchase a new mattress in order to replace the older one, ask the retailer you bought it from if it is possible to return the older item to the manufacturer. Most manufacturers are recently taking the responsibility of recycling mattresses and thus will gladly accept your old product. However, you will be responsible to haul and transport the mattress.

4) Break it down

If you have space, time and the right equipment, then it is recommended that you should consider breaking down the old mattress yourself. Cut around carefully the perimeter of your mattress fabric covering and remove the foam and cloth away from the wooden frame and box springs.

You can reuse these parts if they are still in good condition. Steel springs can be reused for reupholstering furniture and used as carpet underlay. Either way, it will be easy for you to dispose of them through your rubbish bin.

5) Mattress removal service

If you are unable to carry out the previous options, then the best option you have is to hire a mattress removal service to do the task for you! Not only will they get rid of your mattress but they will also carry it for you and safely dispose of it. Some companies offer affordable mattress removal to help make your life easier.

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