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6 Recycling Ideas for Old Pool Tables

Most of us hate throwing away old furniture. But having it with no use may consume the space you would use for other activities. If this is the case, then you have to figure out what to do with the old piece of furniture. Part of the furniture that is likely to give you headaches is the pool table.

Most of us don’t know what we can do with a pool table or how we can dispose it off. If you would love to dispose of your pool table and make something good and usable, look no further. Here are the seven best ways you can recycle it to meet your favorite design.

1) You can use it as a foosball table

Since the pool table slate is heavy, flat and stable, you can use it as an ideal playing surface for a conventional foosball. You must have a wet tile saw or tale the table to a cutting facility to cut the slate top to your preferred measurement. You will have a better playing surface after fitting the slate to the foosball frame.

Unlike the wooden surface, the pool table top is smooth, and your ball will no longer get stuck in the valleys and hills of the common wooden table. Pool table slate also helps eliminate warps problems and helps the ball roll smoothly and not wander around. You can choose to paint the slate or leave it as it was before.

2) Countertop

You can also use the pool table slate to make bathrooms and kitchen countertops. Slate works well as bathroom and kitchen countertops because it is impervious to water and can perform better than granite. To make countertop using the slate, draw a pattern of the design you want on the slate.

Draw the general outer dimension and the sink cutout place. Take the pattern and slate to a countertop cutting facility, and do the cutting at a small cost. You may need two to four powerful volunteers to transport.

3) Workbench top

A pool table slate can also make a strong workbench top. Since the slate is heavy, your bench will not shake when you are sawing, planning or applying pressure on it. Its flat surface may also be necessary when working on projects that require flat levels like sanding.

4) You can use it as a table tennis top

If you want to play table tennis, you can transform your slate into a table tennis surface with a different playing mode. You will be required a table conversion top at a lower price. This allows you to play table tennis with family and friends on an exceptional surface.

These tables are cheaper than table tennis and include high-quality features similar to those used in professional games. The pool table slate also might be an excellent conversion top if you do not have a lot of free space left in your home. The slate is also easy and quick to install, so you can easily set up the table when you want to play and remove them when done laying.

5) Can be used as a front office furniture

You could use slate as front office furniture when well-designed due to its smooth surface. You only need a few makeovers, especially with the stands and decorations. This furniture can also be used at home as a dining table. It is important to note that making this table is affordable and does not take much time.

6) Can be used as an industrial bar table

If you are running a local pub, then you might want to use a pool table slate as a bar table. The slate table is made of quality materials and may be used longer than the common bar table. You may need a creative carpenter to get the table for you in a different and exciting design.

As seen, an old pool table could be designed and bring an elegant look to your house. You can use it either as a workshop bench, as a countertop or as a foosball table. You can contact us at Paul’s Rubbish Removal Sydney for further information regarding recycling ideas.

Reach out to us for a free quotation on 0407 125 125, we can pick up your unwanted pool tables and billiard tables.

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Sarah Ann

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